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2012 Beauty Makeup Trends I’m Loving Right Now

First of all, I want to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all past, present & future brides!

2011 has been a very exciting year in bridal beauty and fashion. In anticipation of 2012, I am happy to share some of the beauty and makeup trends that I am loving right now.

The Long Awaited Return of Colored Mascara and Eyeshadow. 

Add extra “OOMPH” to your glimpse with these funky and fresh shades.

Colored lashes and lids may remind you of those fierce punk songstresses of the 80’s, but smart makeup mavens know that, when color is used correctly, it subtly boosts your natural eye color. Do you want to get noticed? Want a fun twist to your makeup look?

These trendy, intense hues can be incorporated into your makeup routine in subtle ways for some pop by using an aqua blue, teal or purple shadow.

Siouxsie Sioux wearing bold and amazing makeup

Siouxsie Sioux wearing bold and amazing makeup

The popularity of the smokey eye continues and it is a must-have makeup look this season because now its more colorful than ever. These wild party eye makeup ideas scream for an ‘all eyes on me’ attitude.


The high-drama version of the 80’s eye

The high-drama version of the 80’s eye

I have always been incredibly inspired by the extravagant, artistic and bold makeup looks sashaying down the catwalks, and though I love experimenting with striking looks I wanted you to feel comfortable in creating something that would be completely wearable, even if you’re not a super model.

Whether your eyes are baby blue or emerald green, the key is to contrast them with your colored shadows and mascara.

You’ll want to work with a rich hue palette to have all the must have shades that help you rock an exquisite look. Use the shade that suits your eye makeup best and get ready to shine.

You’ll also want to use a black kohl or deep hue eye pencil liner on the lower and upper rim to accentuate your eyes.


Christian Dior Green Eyeshadow Look

Christian Dior Green Eyeshadow Look


You can go all out and work with a wider color palette to create a fabulously done up eye in violets, blues and green together incorporating light, dark, and every hue in between.

The trick is to apply one coat of black mascara first, and then use the colored mascara to highlight the lash tips but, remember to blend your colored shadow first over a good lid primer to avoid streaks.

This allows you to enhance the shape of the eye and define the lashes — without looking too bright. The light will pick up the subtle color, similarly to highlights in hair.

If you choose vibrant shadow colors with vibrant mascara, your eye color will look less intense, the trick is to line the the eyes with black.

If not… All you will notice is the makeup and not the eye.


Inspiring Fashion Makeup

Inspiring Fashion Makeup

Inspiring Fashion Makeup

Inspiring Fashion Makeup


Here’s the rundown of what works best:

  • If you have brown eyes: Dark gray, brown or plum will highlight the different shades in the iris.
  • If you have blue eyes: Yellow-based hues — like warm metallic brown, copper, gold or bronze shades — will brighten baby blues.
  • If you have green eyes: Anything in the plum family, including shades of purple or burgundy, will make green eyes look their greenest.
  • If you have hazel eyes: Hazel eyes allow you to choose which shade to contrast. They can be made to look greener with plum shades, or bluer with gold or amber tones.

Remember to use a fluffy crease brush to blend your colored shadow across the entire crease. Intensify the crease color by using a smudge brush to blend a combination of  black and color  into the outer corner of the eye and part of the crease.

Here are some of my  palettes favorites:

YSL's Ombre 5 Lumieres Palette

YSL’s Ombre 5 Lumieres Palette

YSL’s Ombre 5 Lumieres Palette – Just gorgeous baby blue, light green, soft pink, bright yellow and purple with shimmer.


Make Up For Ever's Smoky Couleur Collection

Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Couleur Collection

Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Couleur Collection – It contains a complete color range of 8 smoldering shades in Matte Black, Deep Plum Shimmer, Metallic Navy Blue, Peacock Green, Metallic Copper, Metallic Taupe, Yellow Beige and White Shimmer.


About Me

I continue to enjoy an amazing career as a makeup artist in the world of fashion and beauty where I work with both models and brides. Today my main focus is working with brides and making them look beautiful and feel their best!

My 20 year background in television runway, print and bridal makeup has sharpened my skills to create a clean, modern aesthetic that highlights natural beauty. I’m all about using the right products in the right places to highlight a woman’s best features. My signature strength is a smokey, sensual eye paired with natural-looking skin — a simple and elegant look, that when done right, can morph the features.

Peacock Eye Makeup by Aradia

Peacock Eye Makeup by Aradia

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