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Bridal Makeup & The Pisces Full Moon

We’re now approaching the full moon in Pisces. We have an opportunity to become more aware, opening our hearts and our perceptions. If you are all about bringing in the sacred to your wedding as well as to your everyday perception of life, then this full moon is for you you! This Full Moon is a powerful Threshold moment that reflects your wedding planning. You are standing right at the doorway about to step into something new and/or something that has been a dream that can now become a reality. Something in your life is asking you to make a commitment that seems edgy or exciting or real or scary. You have the invitation to walk through this Threshold and expand into your brilliance by taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and Divine mission.


Bridal Makeup & The Pisces Full Moon


Pisces is the sign of the intuitive dreamer. Continue Reading…

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