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Ancient Egyptian Bridal Makeup

Did you know that some of our current-day bridal makeup looks are tied to the past? Just think about everything from the cat-eye to the smokey-eye. All date back to ancient times!


Ancient Egyptian Bridal Makeup


Whether you are a history buff or love to get creative with cosmetics, there is no denying that these stunning ancient bridal queenly looks can still make an impact. These ancient Egyptian inspired bridal makeup application methods continue to influence and inspire today!

The ancient queens and priestesses of the Goddess were known for their regal appearance, especially in relation to their hair and makeup. These ladies knew how to captivate with their beauty created from the magic of their cosmetics. Just like today, many of ancient Egyptian brides wore eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip and cheek color, not to mention a whole array of exotic potions to soften their skin and hair to look beautiful and feel good for their big days as well.

Historians have found that as early 4000 B.C., ancient priestesses were designing makeup looks for spiritual protection. The cosmetics were held in sea shells and a lot of them have been discovered in tombs, containing red, while, yellow, blue, green, and black pigments. Some of the common cosmetics of the world included:

  • Malachite, a copper ore, which provided protection
  • Kohl, used to draw thick, distinctive black lines, giving an almond shape to the eyes
  • Red ochre, which was used as rouge or lip color
  • Henna, which was widely used to stain the fingertips and toes

For this Halloween, brides can harness the power of the queenly priestesses of the past with a bold and dramatic look. This is an ideal makeup style to wear with an Egyptian costume or for a fun night out. May you enjoy channeling your inner ancient priestess queen by creating your own magical makeup look.

If you need some assistance in creating your look, then please know that at Bridal Makeovers, it’s all about bringing more BEAUTY and MAGIC to your life. Whether it’s for a Halloween party or your wedding day, we can’t wait to show you how dedicated we are to making you look as beautiful and glamorous as you imagine. We are delighted to be able to make your dreams come true. It is our pleasure to serve you!


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The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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