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Applying Bridal Makeup On Winter-Exposed Skin

What’s a bride to do? It’s winter, and with the cold and wind and snow comes ashy, pale, dry, scaly winter skin. If you moisturize too much, you risk acne and product build-up. If you don’t moisturize enough, you have dry, itchy skin by the end of the day.


Brides Need To Be More Protective Of Their Skin!

Brides Need To Be More Protective Of Their Skin!


No worries, try these tips:

Since Winter’s temperatures creates a blustery affect on bridal skin, my top picks are all skin care based. A richer moisturizer is mandatory both day and night to replenish and rehydrate. My best tip is to use a great hydrating primer over a moisturizer before using any makeup products. Most winter wedding makeup is done with your natural skin color. That means if you’ve lost color since the summer, you have to ensure your foundation color matches your skin tone before you walk down the aisle. Put your super matte primers aside and opt for a light and creamy primer that gives radiance to the skin. It will help the skin look “alive” in the midst of frigid temperatures and can work just as well with a little concealer and powder on top.

A universally flattering look for winter weddings is a smoky eye, and you can choose a shimmer or a matte effect depending on how your event will be. Shimmer tends to be a bit more glam but make sure not to pile on too much glitz — it can pick up in your photos and cause an unwanted glare. It’s a winter wonderland out there, so frosted, sparkly makeup is the way to go, right? Glitter of any type should be avoided when choosing a look that will stand the test of time. That doesn’t mean you can’t shine on the big day, though. Look for makeup with a subtle shimmer, or simply let your accessories sparkle. For a winter wedding, finish your wedding-day look with a crystal-encrusted veil to pick up the glisten of snow. Don’t forget a superb eye cream with extra hydrating benefits.

Another must have is a good lip balm to promote healing and prevention of chapped lips. This is almost vital in the process of moisturizing your lips. Every bride needs this day and night under or over lipstick to prevent chapping. Lip balms like Chap Stick Blistex lubricate but they do not hydrate. This is a critical difference if you apply your lip balm constantly to dehydrated lips because it makes them feel slick and smooth, which you probably take to mean moisturized. But lip balms do not hydrate. They actually seal moisture out so that lips cannot absorb moisture from the air, the water we drink or from hydrating formulas applied to lips. Wearing too much lip balm, can actually dry your lips out! This is because your lips naturally produce moisture to keep them supple so when you’re constantly moisturizing them, the need for your body to naturally produce the oils it requires goes away. So remember, less is more which is one of the most important winter tips for lips that are dry. Better bet is to use a product which is designed to introduce moisture back into the lips (such as products with Shea, emu butter, Vitamin E oil, etc., high on ingredient list).


  • Avoid harsh products: Soaps, synthetic detergents, and harsh chemicals in over-the-counter cleansers can all rob skin of necessary moisture, while contributing to the breakdown of the outer layer. Sodium lauryl sulphate is one of the main ingredients that irritates skin and dries it out. Choose gentler, more natural and moisturizing cleansers.
  • Avoid hot water: Though hot water feels wonderful in the winter, it contributes to dry skin by washing away natural oils. Go lukewarm as often as you can, and refrain from excessive washing.
  • Wear protective clothing: Gloves and scarves protect your face and hands from harsh winter weather.
  • Eat and drink for moisture: Your skin is nourished from the inside out, so your diet can help you avoid dry and cracked skin. Drink plenty of water every day—most of us tend to crave water less in the winter months, so make a point of drinking more often. Add some oily fish to your diet or take an omega-3 supplement to support the skin’s own moisture levels. Avoid alcohol, as it dehydrates the body.
  • Exfoliate: Get rid of that top layer of dry, flaky skin and reveal your inner glow, even in the dead of winter! Exfoliation becomes even more important when you have dry skin. You need to get rid of it before your moisturizer can penetrate. Use a light, gentle daily polisher that contains small, natural granules.

Like your hair, the rest of your body can get dry and dehydrated very quickly during the winter. So it’s important to remember three words in preparation for your wedding day: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!


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I was born and raised in Southern California. From an early age, I became aware of the trans-formative powers of cosmetics and I displayed a strong creative flair for art and self expression. I began my career in earnest in NYC, taking fashion classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and working as a makeup artist with the top lines. I soon became a makeup artist of choice for international fashion shows and shoots. As I developed a a great eye for detail I became a fashion illustrator. I decided to shift my talents from the canvas to the face. The world of bridal makeup was a simple transition, based upon my strong understanding of light, color, and form. I am now known for my specialty of creating the “Flawless Bridal Face“. I am looking forward to pampering you and having you look your finest for your most special and memorable event.


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