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Bridal Beauty & The Moon – New Moon In Pisces

Dearest Brides… This New Moon in Pisces is all about tapping into your sensitive side for romantic inspiration!


It's All About Bridal Pisces Hair, Makeup, Tarot & The New Moon

It’s All About Bridal Pisces Hair, Makeup, Tarot & The New Moon!


Have you been feeling overwhelmed by your wedding planning? If so, you’ve got a cosmic opportunity to set your energy right, because the new moon in Pisces 2019 meaning is all about a bright and beautiful new beginning.

Each new moon falls in a specific zodiac sign, and when the moon is in Pisces you’ll find that the intensity of feelings you experience may be so great, that you may feel a need to withdraw into seclusion to protect yourself emotionally. You’re emotionally drawn to fantasy, especially where it concerns the romantic and ideal. You want a new way of being heard and understood. This new moon will be about empathy and sensitivity, bringing you closer to others and yourself. It will also be about seeing the beauty in everything; the beauty that’s often overlooked.

I not only offer my brides beautiful Hair & Makeup, but Tarot readings too. I love reading the Tarot for brides after or before the trial run. I believe that lunar traditions connect us with the feminine powers of intuition.This is a great tool to have when creating the look for a bride during a trial run. The Moon changes in presence by the day, and bringing us dependable cycles of day/night, seasons, and even women’s personal moon cycles. In many ways, the Moon reflects our reality and relationships in all their phases. The Tarot combined with Bridal beauty artistry always brings out the new beginning on the other side. When we take the time to re-enchant our souls, we make our lives more magical, more meaningful and more present.



Miles away from the preconceptions of beauty, we show our brides a new perspectives by celebrating her natural beauty. The Art of Bridal Beauty gives brides the freedom to explore the kind of beauty that is expressed by the love they feel in their hearts for their future spouse.

Fueled by magic, passion and creativity, we have over 20 years of wedding experience and we know how to help you create the look you’ve always wanted. We love to help you look and feel your best for one of the most special moments in your life. We truly believe in our work, and our craft so we know how to take the stress out of your day by allow you to get ready where you feel most comfortable. Let The Art of Beauty by Aradia On Location Hair & Makeup Service make your dreams of being a ‘magically beautiful’ bride come true.


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