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Bridal Beauty, Tarot & The Moon

As powerful as the ocean, her body and mind is also pulled by Luna…Our stunning satellite in the sky, the moon shines brightly at night and governs our emotions.

Bridal Beauty, Tarot & The Moon


The Moon rules the sign of Cancer so when she passes through this sign her energy is strong. Cancer comes after Gemini in the zodiac wheel, the sign that has learned to talk, it falls before Leo – the one that realizes she can.

The Cancerian’s place in the cycle is to feel, just as Gemini is to communicate and Leo is to create. This is great time for brides to focus on wedding bliss because the emphasis now is on emotions. There’s also an urge to nurture and be nurtured, The Moon in Cancer triggers sentimental feelings. You may find yourself embroidering your wedding date into the hem of your dress using blue thread to create the perfect “something blue.” memory.

If your mom preserved her bridal gown, you may want to add a sentimental touch to your bouquet by wrapping a piece of her gown around the stems. Odds are that if she’s kept it for so long, she’d be honored to have you use it in your wedding, even if you aren’t wearing it.


When it comes to capturing the unscripted seconds that live in your mind forever – the anxiety and joy of getting ready or the adoring glance your future husband casts your way, black-and-white film can be the way to go. The reason why black-and-white photography is preferred for documenting emotional moments is because the fewer colors your eyes have to process, the cleaner and easier an image is to absorb when viewing. Black-and-white images help you focus on the features of a subject and bring the mood into focus. Here’s some advice for a stunning lunar Cancer transfer into a black and white bridal photo, like the one above:

Adding fine highlights or lowlights makes a bride’s hair look more natural and looks great in photographs, especially in black and white shots where hair that’s all one color can sometimes look a little dull or flat.

I always promote having foundation with SPF in it, but when it comes to black and white photos, you’ll want something that doesn’t reflect light. With foundations that have SPF in them, they reflect too much light and can actually make your face look shiny in all of the wrong ways. Ditch your typical foundation if planning to a black and white bridal shoot.


When wedding bells are in your future, friends, family, even strangers feel fit to give you marriage advice. Not all of it will be welcome, but when my brides receive a Tarot reading, my guidance tends to be so spot on, that they use it everywhere from the best photo-ready makeup shades to use to having a successful married life. Make some time to check in with yourself and reconnect with your sentimental side as well as your intuition. Gut instincts are heightened, as is empathy. This strong Cancer Moon is known to open the psychic floodgates which makes a great time for having your Tarot cards read.

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Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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