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Bridal Makeup – Arabian Eyes

The appealing eyes of Arab women are some of the most beautiful in the world. There’s a whole world of artistry in Arab literature, songs, and poetry devoted to the beauty of their eyes.


Bridal Makeup - Arabian Eyes


This exotic style of Arabian eye make-up look will not only enhance your bridal style, but it will give you a very alluring and sexy look. I love offering instructional workshops where I share the secret on how to create this signature eyeliner look. In my make-up application workshops I also provide a brief history on the use cosmetics to enrich the learning experience. Did you know that the Ancient Arabians used kohl, as eyeliner to trace their eyes and make them stand out more? To create these eye paints, kohl was ground in a pestle and mortar and mixed with oils or animal fats on palettes to; then the kohl paint was applied to the eyes using a small stick.

Fortunately, it’s much easier these days to create this exotic look. It starts with a perfectly saturated, creamy-lined eyeliner like Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliners. They’ve got the staying power of a liquid, can be smudged like a powder or pencil, and they have a built-in, removable brush right in the cap. Far from messy or tricky, Mystikol eyeliners make creating a perfect rich line.

Want to know how to create a long-lasting eye look?

Create the base of your wing by drawing a line from your outer corner toward your hairline. Connect the tip of the wing to your upper lash line and fill in to complete the look. To create this look you’ll need an an ultra-fine brush with a long handle and a precise point. You’ll need a fluid eyeliner. I also love Guerlain’s formula because the design of the calligraphy-like tool can create an extra precise look.


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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