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Pro Bridal Makeup Artistry Tips for Applying Your Wedding Day Eyeliner

Every bride wants to look absolutely beautiful on her wedding day, but many brides fall into the trap of following misguided, outdated, or just plain bad eye makeup advice. When it comes to eyeliner, with a little practice and a dash of finesse, you’ll be on your way to looking gorgeous in no time.


Brides need waterproof eyeliner that's smudge-proof, stay-put, and won't budge.

Brides need waterproof eyeliner that’s smudge-proof, stay-put, and won’t budge.


I highly recommend using professional makeup brushes. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful your eyeliner looks when you apply it with a high-quality brush. Investing in a set of good brushes is one of the wisest beauty moves you can make!

One of the most beautiful things about eyeliner is how it adds depth to your lashes and makes them appear thicker. The right technique can be a major eye-opener! Black eyeliner on the upper lash-line makes bride’s lashes look thicker and their eyes more open. If you have dark skin, trace the liner along your lower lashes, too. If you’re pale, use a dark brown liner on the bottom instead—black could look too stark and emphasize under-eye circles. Eyeliner makes a huge difference. It can take a basic eye makeup application to a fully-realized look that accentuates your lashes and the shape of your eye. Eyeliner can be sexy, elegant, or subtle, but it also can be harsh, overly dramatic, or sloppy—it all depends on how you apply it. If you don’t have a steady hand, bend down or sit down so you can place your elbow on a table or counter for balance and control.


Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, and place it between each and every eyelash.

Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, and place it between each and every eyelash.


Bridal Makeup Artistry Tips for Applying Your Wedding Day Eyeliner

1. Get super close to the lash line
Line the upper lashline, starting at the outer corner. Always make sure to get close to the lash line leaving no gaps. This is one of the biggest eyeliner challenges. If you don’t get close enough to the lash line, you lose the intensity you were trying to create with eyeliner. It’s helpful to use a magnifying mirror to be sure you place it exactly. If the outer corners of your eyelids have begun to droop, make sure the eyeliner turns up ever-so-slightly, so you DON’T emphasize the drooping. I recommend using a wider, flat brush to get the eyeliner right where you want it. You can use an eyeliner pencil, a liquid liner or an eyeliner brush dipped into a deep shadow to line eyes. If you use a pencil, set the line with eyeshadow because penciled lines tend to melt and won’t stay put all day.


Eyeliner should blend well with the rest of your eye-makeup design, not overpower it.

Eyeliner should blend well with the rest of your eye-makeup design, not overpower it.


2. Make it glide on smoothly
Pencil eyeliners tend to have the shortest wear time unless they have a powder-like finish, so applying a matching powder eyeshadow over helps eyeliner last a lot longer. Use the smudger on the other side of the pencil or a Q-tip if the pencil doesn’t have one, to gently smooth over any inconsistencies in the line and ensure that there are no gaps between the lashes and the eyeliner. To get a soft, clean liner look, first apply a thin layer of eye shadow. This will help the eyeliner will glide on, allowing you create a soft line. It also makes the eyeliner last longer without giving you a harsh look. Use a small, fine-tip pointed brush so you can be precise. Using powder eyeshadow with your eyeliner can achieve a softer look ,you can use the powder shadow either wet (for a more dramatic effect) or dry (for a softer look). Be sure to tap any excess powder off the brush before lining; that reduces the risk of getting specks of powder eyeshadow on your cheek or in your eye.


It's important to apply eyeliner correctly, to avoid a thick, messy line.

It’s important to apply eyeliner correctly, to avoid a thick, messy line.


3. Don’t apply in a line
Connect the top and bottom lines at the outer corners of your eyes for a soft, natural winged effect that both lifts and widens your eyes. Creating the perfect line in one sweep is hard; you don’t have to make one, single line with the eyeliner, rather, you can do a series of small strokes across the lash line, a connect-the-dots kind of thing. You’ll make fewer mistakes and end up with a more even application. A pencil is a better option than a liquid liner in this case because it lets you make short, feathery strokes and get very close to the lashes. Instead of pulling at the outer corners of the eyes, which can result in a wobbly line, look in the mirror with your chin up and your eyes down. Continue to line inward toward the nose, keeping the pencil as close to the lashes as possible; stop where your lashes end.


A dramatic, captivating eye look works great for evening weddings.

A dramatic, captivating eye look works great for evening weddings.


4. From AM to PM
You can switch things up and take your look from day to night with one simple addition. Make sure that the eyeliner on the lower lash line connects with the back corner of the upper lash line. To change an eyeliner look without redoing your makeup, apply a bold or brighter shadow on top of your brown or black liner, mixing it together to create an edgy more dramatic look. With your chin down and eyes up, line the lower lash-line. Put the pencil right on top of the lashes, and, starting at the outer corner, keep lining to where the lashes stop. Try experimenting with a liquid liner for a more dramatic effect. Practice because it’s typically, the most difficult to apply. It takes a steady hand, but it also offers the most precise and defined line. Apply a thin, soft line. Heavy liner on the lower lash line ends up looking like your mascara has smeared. Even if you use black for the lower lash line, apply it softer than you would for the upper lash line. Blend out with the angle brush angling upwards at the end of the eye creating that cat’s eye effect. Keep adding and blending the liner until you achieve to your desired smokiness and sexy cat eye.


Don't apply mascara before you apply eyeliner.

Don’t apply mascara before you apply eyeliner.


5. Pro Tip
For best results, always apply your mascara after you apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner. This way you’re less likely to overdo the mascara to compensate for a lack of depth and definition along the lash line. It also prevents you from disturbing the mascara and subsequently causing it to flake.

6. Top Picks
To help you avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes, I have put several waterproof eyeliners to the test to find the ones that resisted water and stayed put all day. The following liners will not smudge or smear when the inevitable wedding day tears come:

  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen
  • Benefit BADgal Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner are you a smudged and smoky or clean and simple kind of bride? Tell us in the comments below.

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