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Bridal Makeup, Hair & Tarot For The Waxing Moon In Pisces

The Moon reflects the reality of our love relationships in all its phases. Pisces is a water sign, the element of great feeling. It’s is ruled by ethereal Neptune, the planet that shows us how to experience the sublime. Brides, this lunation is all about tapping into your sensitive side for inspiration when it comes to your beauty. I just love combining bridal trial runs with Tarot readings during this Waxing phase of the Moon.


Bridal Makeup, Hair & Tarot For The Waxing Moon In Pisces


Have you been feeling overwhelmed by your wedding planning? It makes sense because Pisces is at the end of the lunar trip through the Zodiac now, which means that sensitivity is acute and the boundaries between each of us dissolve when the Moon is passing through this sign.

With the Waxing Moon is in Pisces, we are able to swim in imaginative currents that go beyond the normal limits of space and time. It’s a mood when beauty, hairstyles, and makeup artistry convey messages to the bridal spirit. It’s a great time to nourish the imagination. This is why I love doing trial runs when the Moon is in Pisces; this transit makes the invisible visible and the divine tangible.

When the moon is in Pisces you have the opportunity to rise above the illusion of isolation and grow into the Essence of LOVE. It’s all about uniting in LOVE and seeing the LOVE in each other’s hearts. When you connect with this Beautiful, sensitive energy, we can see that we are not all alone, and that we are united in each others quest for LOVE, to experience LOVE, to transmit LOVE and to be LOVE in our own personal lives.

This emotional Pisces Moon not only brings you closer to others and yourself, but it also allows you to see the beauty in everything; the beauty that’s often overlooked.

This is the type of sensitivity that can work very well for you when it comes to expressing your desires for your bridal look. I not only offer my brides beautiful Hair & Makeup for their trial runs, but a Tarot reading as well to connect with the emotions for their desired looks. I believe that lunar explorations connect us with the feminine powers of intuition. Which is why this is such a great tool to have when creating the look for a bride during a trial run.

A Tarot consultation blended with your Hair & Makeup trial run will give you good, clear guidance on not just your wedding look, but on the wedding itself. You can ask specific questions, or get an insight into your relationship during this merging of two art forms – Beauty & Tarot. The Tarot can illuminate the future and guide you on your path.

Very much like love itself, the Tarot shows all facets of life. My specialized Bridal Tarot readings are meant to reflect the emotional dimension of your love and beauty. The Tarot combined with Bridal beauty artistry always brings out the new beginning on the other side. When we take the time to re-enchant our souls, we make our lives more magical, more meaningful and more present.

I would love to offer you a sensitive and intuitive Tarot reading to guide you on your bridal journey, along with a beautiful bridal look!

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Please contact Aradia at 305-331-9682 to check on availability and pricing for your bridal trial run/Tarot reading.

I hope to leave you feeling more connected to the love & magic all around with your gorgeous bridal look,



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The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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