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Bridal Makeup & The Tarot For The Taurus New Moon

Today the new moon is in earthy Taurus, so I want to talk about the makeup variations of bridal browns that range from cocoa to golden-tans for our eyes, lips and faces.

Bridal Makeup & The Tarot For The Taurus New Moon

A fresh and light make up, almost invisible and yet perfect to enhance a bride’s natural beauty. A natural bridal makeup look is also perfect as it highlights your features, ensuring you are the best version of yourself on your special day. The absolute star of such make-up look is the complexion that needs to be even and matte, therefore no heavy coverage foundation or excessively bright blushers. A golden shimmery eye-shadow will give you that soft, natural look—just tap the glow on the inner corners of your eyes, over your lids, along your brow bones and cheekbones, and on top of your Cupid’s bow.

The new Moon is like a seed planted in the earth, ready to grow, full of potential and energy for the journey. When the moon is in Taurus we may be more sensual, rooted, nurturing and interested in material manifestation. We slow down, get earthy, awaken our senses, begin to build form, roots, and stubborn strength.

The Moon governs water on earth, ocean tides, reproductive cycles, the weather, and fluids of the human body, animals, and plants. The Moon also rules emotions. . . personal development, growth, change, and evolution. Did you know that the Moon’s intuition supports us throughout the day’s fluctuating moods and circumstances? Just as the Moon in the night sky changes in phases, your Moon metamorphosis also occurs in phases. Your personality evolves as forgotten talents and interests surface.

Written deep within the mystery of the Tarot cards lie wisdom and knowledge for every avenue of our lives. This is especially helpful when planning your wedding. When brides-to-be invite the cards into their lives, they become guides on their path by clarifying and enlightening all of their questions throughout their engagement to their nuptials and beyond.

If you are searching for stellar makeup and hair for your wedding day along with some insightful guidance, then allow Aradia and the magic of the cards combined with her artistry for beauty to illuminate you!

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Miles away from the preconceptions of beauty, we show our brides a new perspectives by celebrating her natural beauty. The Art of Bridal Beauty gives brides the freedom to explore the kind of beauty that is expressed by the love they feel in their hearts for their future spouse.

Fueled by magic, passion and creativity. We have over 20 years of wedding experience and we know how to help you create the look you’ve always wanted. We love to help you look and feel your best for one of the most special moments in your life. We truly believe in our work, and our craft so we know how to take the stress out of your day by allow you to get ready where you feel most comfortable. Let The Art of Beauty by Aradia On Location Hair & Makeup Service make your dreams of being a ‘magically beautiful’ bride come true.

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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