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Vicky’s Elegant Deering Estate Wedding

At Bridal Makeovers by Aradia we have the privilege of being inspired, amazed and swept off our feet by the beautiful affairs from all over South Florida that we create hair and makeup for. The wedding of our lovely bride Vicky was a classic example of why we love what we do! She chose the Deering Estate for her wedding because it is such a beautiful venue for an outdoor, historic Florida event.

In two words, I would describe Vicky’s wedding to be elegant and classic! Check it out. This wedding is full of all of my favorite things: a beautiful lace wedding gown, beautiful blossoms, and a gorgeous couple madly in love.


Vicky's Elegant Deering Estate Wedding 02

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Posted February 18th, 2016.

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WHO IS THE BRIDE? Coordinating Hair And Makeup With Your Bridesmaids

Knowing how to coordinate hair and makeup with your bridesmaids can be tricky if you have strong personalities in the group. However, you should have the final say in the matter since it is your big day, so don’t let big personalities spoil this decision for you.


At the end of the day how your bridesmaids look will also reflect on how successful your wedding is.

At the end of the day how your bridesmaids look will also reflect on how successful your wedding is.


It’s your wedding, don’t stress with hair and makeup decisions. Your bridesmaids were there for you all throughout your ups and downs in life. A wedding shouldn’t ruin a friendship built strong because of who is going to look better. Remember, you are the bride. You are the biggest star of the day and no matter how beautiful a bridesmaid is, you will be the most gorgeous woman in the event. So now the big question is how can you make your bridesmaid look stunning and yet will not outshine you in your wedding? Keeping a bridal party happy can be as demanding as the wedding planning itself. Every bride needs to know how to manage her complaining bridesmaids. Here are our top bridesmaid troubles and tips for avoiding bridal party drama.

Do any of the following sound like your bridesmaids?

  • I never wear makeup; why should I start now?
  • I know how to do my own makeup. I‘ve been doing it for my whole life!
  • I don’t trust makeup artists – they over-do it or they don’t give me enough; they don’t know my style; they never listen.
  • I just want to look natural, not “made-up”. Or I want a dramatic, smokey eye and bright lips.
  • It’s too much trouble, effort and cost. I am on a budget.

If any of these sound like your girls, don’t worry, you’re not alone. These are very common attitudes! But your wedding may be different. Maybe “special” enough to have them reconsider. Because makeup is a very personal thing and your bridal party also needs to feel comfortable and confident with who you hire, bring your maid of honor with you to your trial run. She will not only give you her honest opinion but, inform the the rest of the party that the trained makeup artist, the one specializing in your own bridal makeup, is perfect for them as well. The trend is becoming more popular for all the bridesmaids to have the same stylist and makeup artist do their makeup and up-dos done together so they will be coordinated. If you want to keep things looking uniform but also want to let your bridesmaids’ personalities shine, you can achieve this by having all your girls in the same makeup color but different hair styles. Choosing a color scheme for the bridesmaids’ makeup allows for the consistency of your wedding colors but shows off your girls’ personalities in your wedding photos. The right professional bridal makeup artists and photographers are successful BECAUSE they don’t have brides and their bridal parties looking “made up” in their photos. They look polished, elegant and fresh and they have that beautiful radiant glow! With makeup, remember it’s not about how much makeup, but rather what products, which colors and how it’s applied. In other words, it’s worth hiring a professional even to look “natural”!

No bride wants her bridesmaids to outshine her on her wedding day. But you still want and need your bridesmaids to look good for photos and match your aesthetic. Remember, how your bridesmaids look is an extension of your wedding design, just like flowers, centerpieces and paper. So the big question now is how can you make your bridesmaid look stunning and yet will not outshine you in your wedding? A wedding is like a fashion show. There will be a procession of stars in the aisle that would certainly take everyone’s breath away. But the greatest star of the event should be the bride. After all this is her wedding. But in every fashion show one girl would certainly look more stunning than the other. Have you ever been to a wedding where the BRIDESMAIDS outshone the bride? First, no one can ever outshine the bride at her own wedding! Yes, some bridesmaids may try to draw attention to themselves on the big day, but it always, always backfires. No one oohs and aahs at obviously attention-hungry bridesmaids, and their efforts only frustrate them when they do not get the spotlight they want so badly, so they end up looking foolish, immature and desperate. After all is said and done, it’s YOUR wedding day, so make it YOUR own!

As far as pricing, the best part is that your bridesmaids may be surprised. It’s probably not quite as costly as they have imagined. One way to find out is to ASK about our affordable packages for your bridal party.

For more info on an “All About The Bride In The Spotlight” trial run, contact Aradia – lead artist and creative director for The Art of Bridal Makeovers. Understanding the importance of Beautiful Makeup, Aradia will always provide a premium, professional service, taking pride in being distinctively creative, detail oriented and dedicated to my craft. With an attention to detail, 25 years of experience in the Industry and the knowledge and passion for bridal beauty, I will enhance and draw out the best version of your natural complexion and features. Brides are guaranteed the latest techniques and the highest quality products used for sustainability, longevity and the most flawless results achievable.


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Posted October 7th, 2013.

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