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What Is Going On Now In The World of Bridal Beauty?


Natural bridal makeup looks outranked the bolder beauty looks that I have created so far this season. As far as hair, it seems that we’re experiencing an 80’s hair revival. Monumental manes in general are back but, this latest tidal wave is coming in a rich, deep brunette hue. The blonde-centric editorials and ads have been infiltrated with dark-coiffed models like Cheryl Cole, who is probably most recognized for her luscious, dark chocolate brown hair locks. She looks radiantly gorgeous in this pic (I can only imagine how many cans of L’Oreal hairspray this hairstyle took!) and now you too can have luscious brunette tresses. Because our brides are definitely worth it, we would like to show you too how you can show off your sultry side.


Today’s hottest bridal hair is very brunette and very big bombshell beauty.

Today’s hottest bridal hair is very brunette and very big bombshell beauty.


Are ready to unleash your inner bombshell, but are still mystified by the smoky eye and how to plump up those lips?

We know you want that ‘Va Va Voom’ Hair! Bridal Makeovers reveals how in a personalized consultation focusing on ‘hair + makeup’ for the engagement shoot, the bridal portrait shoot, the bridal shower, the Girls Night Out Makeup lesson for you + your girlfriends, the bachelorette party and/or the rehearsal dinner.

It’s not just celebrities who get our “good-girl-gone-vamp” treatment. Aradia heads a “Glam Squad” which makes house calls to anyone in the South Florida area who desires a full-blown vixen makeover. So, if you want to unleash your inner sensual goddess (and who wouldn’t?), it’s all about amplifying your assets. Pump up the volume with showstopping hair, major lashes, and an attitude to match. Call us for details today to show you how to design and create your own personalized show-stopping style.

Ciao bella!

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Posted October 10th, 2012.

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Should I Or Shouldn’t I Wear False Eyelashes On My Wedding Day?

Lashes! Should I or shouldn’t I wear false eyelashes on my wedding day?

Accentuate those big beautiful eyes on your big day with properly applied false eyelashes. Photo Credit - Eric Traore

Accentuate Those Big Beautiful Eyes On Your Big Day!


Long and lush lashes will always be in. So yes, using them to accentuate those big beautiful eyes on your big day will make the big difference of night and day in your photos! The best part is if they are put on correctly you’ll still have them for your honeymoon. After all, eyelashes are an infallible, eternal method of seduction and they can never be long enough.

I know that in most cases, looking “fake” is a bad thing, but as many of you brides know, an exception to this golden rule are your eyelashes. With lashes, the bigger the better. False eyelashes provide a dramatic way to add length and volume to your natural lashes and enhance the entire look of your eye makeup.

Add Length And Volume To Your Natural Lashes

Add Length And Volume To Your Natural Lashes


I love to apply lashes on my brides. The individuals (clusters), half lash or wispy lashes are perfect for my brides who want to look like themselves but, with a little extra something. False eyelashes always complete the whole look on your wedding day even for brides that want look very soft and natural. You should know that even my most beautifully blended smokey eyes would look somewhat incomplete if they were created without adding those long, gorgeous lashes. Therefore dear brides, wearing false eye lashes will definitely make your eyes look more beautiful. There are so many styles out there in the world of lashes – if applied correctly they can look natural and stay in place. I have never had a bride cry so much that her lashes come off.

I've never had a bride cry so much that her lashes come off!

I’ve never had a bride cry so much that her lashes come off!


False eyelashes have gained popularity not only among the celebrities but also among brides. Available in various styles, colors, and sizes, false eyelashes instantly give a mysterious and alluring look to your eyes by making the eyelashes look longer, thicker and fuller. Continue Reading…

Posted August 21st, 2012.

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Beauty Trends for Brides: 84th Annual Academy Awards Hair & Makeup Inspiration for 2012

It could be argued that the Oscars are all about the fashion. Hollywood beauties strutted the red carpet with flawless skin and glossy lips during this year’s Oscars, the most glamorous event of the year and the beauty industry’s biggest source of inspiration.

Check out our Beauty Spotlight predictions based on the style highlights from this year’s most notable hair and makeup looks. From shiny waves and sleek buns to glam ponytails and undone chignons, the Oscars always inspire the hottest hair looks for brides and 2012 was no exception. While most of the stars opted for up-dos, a few went with half-up dos.

Here, the red carpet styles we love:

Celebrity Beauty Trends Inspired By The 84th Academy Awards

Celebrity Beauty Trends Inspired By The 84th Academy Awards

Just like our brides this year’s Oscars top bridal muses Milla Jovovich, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz were all in white. The winning recipe: glowing skin, effortless elegant hairstyles paired with subtle smoky eyes in shimmery nude shades are the timeless choices that displayed the level of sophistication that predict the requests from this year’s brides to be.


Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich’s subtly styled chic bob will inspire brides to add tousled waves to create texture and  volume to their bridal hairdos.


Berenice Bejo Hair - French braided Chignon

Berenice Bejo - French braided Chignon

Berenice Bejo’s lovely French braided Chignon… Braided hairstyles will make a serious impact on brides everywhere.

Continue Reading…

Posted February 28th, 2012.

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In Honor of the Royal Wedding…

The date of the Royal Wedding – Friday, 29th April – is inching ever closer… How will Kate Middleton’s makeup measure up to history?

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton – Just a little powder to kill the shine would have not  hurt here…

It has been reported that she will be doing her own makeup on the big day, however, she has decided to take private lessons with a professional makeup artist. I applaud her for this decision at least. I always inform my brides that if they insist on doing their own makeup for their weddings,  that a lesson or two is crucial to a photo ready look.

With 1,900 guests in attendance and the eyes of the world set to be upon her, Kate Middleton’s ‘bridal makeup look’ will be scrutinized in fashion magazines and the web for months to come. Wouldn’t you want your wedding day makeup to be absolutely flawless? I hope Kate practiced everything she learned in her makeup lessons and I hope that she will not be so nervous that she forgets everything! A little back up assistance wouldn’t hurt though,  especially for the touch-ups. Good luck Kate!

Brides throughout history have used makeup to enhance their looks. Royal Brides of the past used cosmetic formulas that were also used in aphrodisiacs. However, vanity was still an issue, so cosmetics still had a place on the face. The ancient Romans believed a woman without paint is like food without salt.

Moral of the story… Most women think they know how to do their own makeup. They’ll do it every day and they’ll think it looks good. But what you see face-to-face, and what the camera sees, are two different things. Hiring someone with a professional makeup background who understands how makeup reads in a photograph is an advantage.

If you prefer to do it yourself… Learning how to create a photo ready makeup look is a valuable skill that will empower your beauty and self confidence on your big day and any other time you want to create a special look for your self.

For info on creating a photo ready makeup look, go to:  Bridal Makeup Lesson Workshop

Posted April 28th, 2011.

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