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Here Is Why I Love Creating Makeup Looks For My Indian Brides

Vizcaya‘s naturally romantic vibes and gorgeous old world architecture makes it one of my favorite locations in Miami, so it’s no surprise that this seaside paradise was the backdrop for the Beautiful Indian Bride Richa’s e-shoot.


Indian Bride Richa - Viscaya E-Shoot


Taking full advantage of this most magical venue, Haring Photography captured Richa’s romantic adventure from every angle, showcasing the stunning gardens and views of Biscayne Bay in nearly every photo. Continue Reading…

Posted August 14th, 2017.

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Indian Bridal Makeup – Jesica’s Romantic Morning

In the wee hours (4am to be exact) of the morning, last August, the beautiful bride to be, Jesica, arrived at my studio to have her bridal makeup and hair artistically done for her Bal Harbour Beach sunrise engagement photo shoot. Choosing the right bridal makeup look is one of the most exciting parts of planning for your big day. I wanted to create a makeup look that was an extension of who Jesica is.The aim was to create a look that was effortless. That was the one word that encapsulates what Jesica wanted to achieve when it came to her bridal e-shoot makeup.

All I can say is “Looking Effortless Takes Effort!” Often, that which looks effortless takes the greatest of skill and artistry to achieve. When you combine such a lovely bride (inside and out) and the incredibly talented photography of Otto Haring, the result is an over-the-top romantic look, and if weddings are anything, they are just that. It was a great pleasure enhancing Jesica’s beauty while making it look like we didn’t have try too hard. Check out the engagement photos:


Indian Bridal Makeup - Jesica's Romantic Morning

Continue Reading…

Posted June 19th, 2017.

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South Asian Bridal Makeup & Hair

For me, bridal hair and makeup is a celebration of love, beauty, life and artistry. As a pro makeup artist, I love this fresh, new approach to makeup that my brides of South Asian decent are now taking! I have the pleasure with working with so many lovely brides from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.


“Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face….” Kahlil Gibran


Brides that are married to traditions, yet, have a very modernistic approach know how they want to look. Continue Reading…

Posted August 17th, 2016.

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South Asian Indian Bridal Beauty – Nazia’s Wedding

South Asian weddings are like 10 times more intense than American weddings! There are more ceremonies, more guests, and more chaos (but also more time to celebrate!)


South Asian Indian Bridal Beauty - Nazia's Wedding

South Asian Indian Bridal Beauty – Nazia’s Wedding


At BRIDAL MAKEOVERS we live for being in midst of the jubilation and bustle of Indian weddings, and Nazia’s day was no different. Nazias’ wedding was full of color, rituals, traditions but most of all it was full of joy and emotion between them and their families. Continue Reading…

Posted May 6th, 2015.

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Multi-Cultural & Multi-Ethnic Weddings – Bridal Beauty Looks

Hello Brides,

I am so excited to share this wedding for many reasons!

Emma & Mark at The Biltmore Hotel -  Sweeping staircases, uplifting arches of the 1926 landmark.

Emma & Mark enjoying the sweeping staircases, uplifting arches of the 1926 landmark Biltmore Hotel

I love this wedding! The colors, the decor, the rich traditions of the combined Hindu/Catholic ceremony, and the grandeur of Biltmore Hotel’s iconic architecture. The spectacular location in the exclusive neighborhood of Coral Gables, Florida, was the perfect backdrop for Emma and Mark’s multi-cultural wedding. Inspired by the venue’s old world charm and beauty I created a  a “no makeup look” for the bride. Graced with natural elegance and sophistication, Emma loved how her skin glowed and did not appear to be wearing any makeup at all.

One of the greatest opportunities afforded to me is my being able to sit with a bride and help her to create the look that she has imagined for her wedding day. Whether she is going for timeless classic, modern sophisticate, retro-chic, romantic or easy elegance, I love being able to help make her wedding day everything she has dreamed it to be. The bride and groom from this wedding came from different cultural backgrounds. I wanted to incorporate their individual traditions into the wedding day look. Fusing traditions of old with modern adaptations enhanced and enriched an already beautiful bride.

The Makeup

The main function of “nude look” or natural makeup is to emphasize a bride’s natural beauty creating the look of a flawless bride, who is pure and irresistibly beautiful. But it is not so easy to get the “nude look” that would create the effect of a clean washed face; radiating health and beauty, especially if complexion leaves much to be desired. Thus it is very important to take excellent care of your skin months before your wedding.

For this look, I wanted to keep everything very soft….

Women of Indian descent have some of the most beautiful features. The almond shaped eyes are gorgeous and they should be the main focus when applying makeup. I started with a shimmery golden brown eye shadow and pumped up her lashes with a few false individual ones and plenty of mascara. I also defined her brows to further enhance her eyes. Indian women, like women of every ethnicity, vary in complexion tones; from golden complexions to darker, richer tones. By choosing the right makeup color for your specific skin tone, I can create an absolutely flawless look.

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Posted September 1st, 2011.

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