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BB for Brides – Beauty Balm Creams for Luminescent Skin

Curious about the BB (‘blemish/beauty balm’) creams that are popping up all over the place?

BB's are currently the breakthrough products of the beauty world

BB’s are currently the breakthrough products of the beauty world


BB’s are currently the breakthrough products of the beauty world. The craze started in Asia, and at least a dozen brands have launched a BB cream in the US over the last few months.

Brides, why not renew, brighten, even-out, hydrate and protect your skin with an alternative to foundation? A good BB, or beauty balm, can act as primer, tinted moisturizer, anti-aging serum, blemish treatment, and sunscreen. Ideally, your makeup should allow your natural skin to show through, not completely cover it.

Overall, a one-step product that can protect, conceal, and correct texture and tone in a singular application. Too good to be true? Perhaps… But perhaps not!

Brides, you will be pleasantly impressed. Your skin will look radiant and dewy yet not feel like you have make-up on. You will still look like yourself, only better because the little skin imperfections and discolorations will not be seen. To get the lightest, most sheer layer of coverage possible, use a damp sponge or synthetic foundation brush instead of using your fingers to achieve a very natural, “no makeup look”.


Bridal Makeovers Top Picks

The craze that was born in Korea with products like Missha BB Cream and Hanskin Premium Magic BB Cream, has now has spread its way to Europe and the USA.

Which BB creams are worth trying? Here are a few of my top picks:

  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35
  • Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm, $38
  • Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30, $37
  • Boscia BB Cream SPF 27 PA ++, $38


To the luminescence of your skin!

Best wishes,

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

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Posted October 7th, 2012.

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Bridal Beauty Tip: How To Banish Puffy Eyes

Its All About the Eyes

Puffy eyes are a problem for many brides, in fact having tired, lined or dark-circled eyes is the number one issue that brides ask me to cover up. Even though I am able to camouflage those dark circles, most makeup artists will agree that the puffiness is something that’s close to impossible to hide.  So is there a solution?

Banish Puffy Eyes - The Cooling Powers Of Slices Of Cucumber

Banish Puffy Eyes – The Cooling Powers Of Slices Of Cucumber

The Cooling Powers Of Slices Of Cucumber

Cucumber slices stored in the fridge and applied to the eyes will help to soothe puffy eyes. This tried and trusted remedy has been used by generations of brides to reduce under-eye bags on their wedding days. Cucumbers aren’t only deliciously cool and soothing to the touch, but their astringent properties cause blood vessels to constrict. Lean your head back, rest a slice on each closed eye, and relax for five to ten minutes while this trusted remedy will refresh your eyes and keep you as cool as a cucumber.

Tea bags have always been known to help in reducing the swelling in case of swollen eyes. The tannin in the tea may help pull the skin taut and reducing the puffiness factor is the coolness, which reduces swelling.  Chill a couple of chamomile tea bags and place them over your eyelids for around 15-20 minutes. It is a very effective home remedy for treating puffy eyes and dark circles.

Use eye patches, sometimes referred to as eye sheets or treatment masks for the eye. They are infused with retinol, ginseng, and other ingredients that help reduce puffiness and dark circles.  Also specialty cosmetic products such eye gels and eye creams containing aloe vera, herbal extracts, Vitamin E, etc. are also effective in the treatment. However, you should inspect the ingredients of these creams, gels, etc. and make sure that they do not contain any chemical or substance that you and your skin are allergic to, else it may only worsen the problem.

My product list of highly recommended eye treatments (that actually work):

1. Pack Your Bags They’re Leaving! Instant Gratification Eye Gel from Simply Divine Botanicals,

2. Philosophy’s Eyes Wide Open Eye Gel,

3. Origins by Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask For Puffy Eyes,

4. Pearl Ice Cooling Eye Mask by Inka
The problem with this common beauty issue is that not only will it make you look tired in your wedding photos but, it can age your face beyond its years. It’s best to try and avoid getting puffy eyes altogether so, remember your beauty sleep, try to keep stress levels down and don’t drink a lot of alcohol. I ask all of my brides to do this. However, the reality is that due to the rehearsal dinner the night before, coupled with the associated stresses makes puffy eyes much the norm for most of my brides on their wedding day. So what else can you do?  Sleeping on a pillow and not lying flat is a good way to eliminate fluid but, if that’s not enough there’s a sure-fire cure, albeit a fairly “shocking” one. Fill your sink with cold water. Add lots of ice. Splash the ice cold water onto your face for at least 25 minutes (longer if you can stand it).

As a last resort, if all else fails in your attempts to reducing under-eye puffiness, an alternative method used by some involves shrinking them with hemorrhoid cream. It’s over the counter, inexpensive and quick to use, but please be aware that there is controversy surrounding the use of hemorrhoid cream around the eyes because it’s not FDA approved for this specific use. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to get any in your eye. Please note that there is only anecdotal evidence that hemorrhoid cream applied under the eyes can reduce puffiness. No clinical trials have evaluated its effectiveness for this use.  Also, ingredients in hemorrhoid cream may be irritating to the skin around your eyes, resulting in dryness and inflammation.  Be careful if you utilize this approach.  It is thought to work because it contains anti inflammatory ingredients that help to constrict blood flow to the area where applied.

Eyes may be the mirror of your soul, but the skin around them is a reflection of your inner chemistry. Eyes are not only your windows to the world, but among the first features noticed by those around you.  With this in mind, I have created a VIP treatment to calm and sooth your delicate skin and get you back to beautiful perfection! I believe that a bride’s eyes should be expressive due to the emotions behind them. My passion is to help brides look and feel their best! It is an honor and pleasure to serve you during this special time in your life by pampering you with personal attention. I believe in enhancing a bride’s outer radiance as a reflection of her inner radiance. Count on Bridal Makeovers for support and professional, personalized advice and service in your quest for a beautiful bridal look.


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

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Posted July 20th, 2012.

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Is Your Skin Ready For A Photo Closeup?

Is Your Skin Ready For A Photo Closeup?

Is Your Skin Ready For A Photo Closeup?

A question I’m often asked by my brides is… “Should I use an oil-free moisturizer the day of my wedding? I normally wear a sunblock moisturizer but I read that the SPF messes up the picture.”

On your wedding day you are probably going to have more photographs taken of you then any other day of your life! Trust me… You do not want your skin to be shiny, dewy or glowy. You want to keep it as matte as possible. Shiny skin on camera doesn’t look that great.

To properly prep your skin for photos, start out by using an oil-free, mattefying moisturizer with no SPF. You also want to skip the sunblock on the day of your photo shoot. The “titanium dioxide” that’s in your sunblock tends to reflect a lot of white light.

When SPF creams are applied over moisturizer or under foundation, they will cause white casts on your face that will be visible on your photos. Also, be careful with moisturizers that have a shimmer. They do not translate well to the camera and tend to photograph like snow. They provide light reflection in order for you to shine or shimmer on your big day but, when a flash bulb hits, it’s all reflected back with the result of pores being amplified! Look for matte products with no SPF instead.

Some moisturizers  that I love – La Roche Posay – Effaclar Active Matt moisturizer.

Keep in mind that the flash from the camera and the lights will also rob some tint from your makeup. This is the reason why you look paler and your makeup looks less on a photo. I remedy this common photo shoot problem by applying a bit more color.

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

Posted May 15th, 2012.

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All Eyes On You… Bridal Beauty & Skin Care Tips

Welcome brides!

I have some answers to questions that you may have, including some helpful beauty tips that will help you to prepare yourself for your wedding day. You’ll be surprised at the impact that following these tips will make, not just for your own personal image, but for your pictures as well.

Bridal Beauty & Skin Care Tips 1

Bridal Beauty & Skin Care Tips 1

Be sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water in the days before your trial run and your wedding. Yes, it really does make a difference. Water hydrates skin, flushes toxins from your body, aids in digestion and helps keep body systems moving in the right direction. Don’t overlook this crucial step to healthy skin.

Get plenty of rest and consider a vitamin supplement. Rest and nutrition are keys to keeping your body at it’s best, and in turn, your hair, nails and  skin as well. You not only want to look good, but FEEL good too. Vitamins will help make you feel more energized and make up for things your body may be lacking during such stressful times and sleep is essential to keeping the body rested  and reducing stress breakouts.

Limit caffeine, alcohol and stress as MUCH as much as possible. Find your zen. Nothing is ever perfect , but following basic rules of skincare and common sense will surely make it close enough.

Q – How do I prepare my skin for the makeup application?

Bridal Beauty & Skin Care Tips 2

Bridal Beauty & Skin Care Tips 2

Before application of the makeup you must have a clean and exfoliated face.  Never underestimate the importance of skin care preparation to ensure a clean, fresh, natural looking makeup canvas. Thorough skin prepping will ensure your foundation (the makeup base) glides on smoothly for what should result in a flawless coverage…Beautiful, glowing skin represents this radiant light of happiness like nothing else.Try using a gentle cleanser along with a soft, battery-operated facial brush from the drugstore to exfoliate, followed by a mask to hydrate on these days before the wedding. In the morning of your wedding rinse face well with warm water  and follow up with a very cold washcloth to tighten large pores and wake up your face. Follow up with your regular moisturizer. Avoid one with a high SPF as SPF products tend to have an adverse effect of flash photography. Remember to use only good quality products with less irritating chemicals and no strong perfumes or very heavy consistency. Treat your skin and body kindly and you will be the most beautiful and the happiest bride in the world. And the most radiant!

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Posted February 1st, 2012.

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Microdermabrasion and Bridal Makeup

Microdermabrasion and Bridal Makeup

Microdermabrasion and Bridal Makeup

I highly recommend that you have Microdermabrasion before your wedding to make the most of your makeup look. If it’s possible, please try to have a Microdermabrasion facial before the trial run and photo shoot as well. It make a huge difference on how well the makeup will blend and last on your skin.

Micro-Exfoliation is a technique for removing the topmost layer of skin, by gently exfoliating the skin with natural diamond chips, while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin cells away in a sterile and controlled manner. Removing this outer layer of dead skin cells leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells.

Is this procedure right for me if I am oily/sensitive skin type?

I totally understand your concerns, especially since some of you have sensitive skin. Acne-prone skin and sensitive skin often go hand in hand. Irritation is the most common concern among acne sufferers because it almost always leads to breakouts. Please consider going to a professional first for your microdermabrasion facial. The medical microabrasion procedure is designed to remove dead skin cells without touching any live tissue. It can only irritate the skin if it’s poorly performed or if poor quality crystals and skincare products are used. With personal microdermabrasion, however, things aren’t as simple.

Like all home exfoliation treatments, self microdermabrasion creams can irritate the skin to some extent. It’s not the exfoliation itself that causes irritation (unless you abrade the skin too much) but the chemicals in the product which trigger adverse reactions.

Since irritation can lead to acne breakouts it’s important that your physician puts you on the most gentle microdermabrasion formula first, before trying a more aggressive product. So hold off on these store bought treatments until you have the facial procedure with a professional first.

What about getting a sun tan?

Keep in mind that the sun plus microdermabrasion = extra dry and flaky skin. It could also make your facial skin more sensitive to the sun, thus making you a candidate for sunburns. It’s best not to tan your face at all. When I am doing a bronze goddess bridal look l create a glowing, tan complexion for my brides on their big day without having to expose their skin to the risks of sunbathing and sun lamps. Please trust me on this, a professional fake tan is your best option. By deepening the complexion to a rich bronze using makeup I protect you from future sun spots and wrinkles!

My advice is go for the facials and stop exposing your face to harmful sun rays. You will thank me one day. I tell my bride: “You bring me a skin that is smooth and deeply cleansed and I will deliver flawless!”

Posted March 28th, 2011.

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