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The look of love
Is saying so much more than
Just words could every say
And what my heart has heard
Well it takes my breath away…


BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin


I’m so excited to share some of Caitlin’s wedding photos. She was truly one of my favorite brides that I created a make-up look for in 2019! When you’ve got the mystifying allure of a stunningly beautiful, free-spirited bride getting ready for her makeup and hair at an urban, chic venue like the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove, you’ve got pure magic!

Beautiful bride Caitlin’s eye for detail and impeccable taste was evident throughout the day. The afternoon of beauty started in her glamorous bridal suite in the Gaudi-inspired hotel where her not-so-traditional ceremony was held overlooking bohemian Coconut Grove by the enchanting Biscayne Bay.

I designed Caitlin’s bridal makeup look to accentuate her jaw-dropping, crocheted lace gown, which was synonymous with her boho aesthetic.

To create my bride’s romantic Vamp, yet Romantic look, I first prepared Caitlin’s face by giving her a relaxing facial.

I then used a mixture of delicate and luxurious makeup techniques enhanced with a wine/toned palette to merge with the tropical luxurious beauty of the Zen-like tranquility of the Mayfair.

Not only was this bride’s inner and outer beauty my aesthetic inspiration that day, but the unique ambience and ornate detailing from the architectural gem of the Mayfair, as well.


BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin - Makeup By Bridal Makeovers By Aradia



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin



BOHO BEAUTY in the GROVE - Bride Caitlin


This stunning wedding was beautifully designed coordinated by Eric Baker from A Modern Romance.
Caitlin’s romantic first look moments were captured by Danalynn Photos.
Suzanne Fuster created the lovely hairstyle for Bridal Makeovers.


About Bridal Makeovers

Look gorgeous and feel confident with a beautiful wedding makeup application and hairstyle by the award-winning team of BRIDAL MAKEOVERS by Aradia. Do you know what’s even more wonderful than winning awards? The fact that we get to express LOVE and BEAUTY every day of our lives! Together, we can create a beautiful moment in time. So, if you’re looking for a makeup and hair team to help recreate your vision for your wedding look then look no further than BRIDAL MAKEOVERS. Let us offer you all our experience as well as our creativity and artistic approach for your ideal bridal look.


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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Posted January 10th, 2020.

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Moon Over Miami – Destination Wedding Brides

Dreaming of a spellbinding wedding in the Magic City of Miami? On a February evening such as this it’s easy to become enchanted by our city’s natural beauty. You look up to the sky and experience how suddenly the extraordinary opens your mind to infinite possibilities.

Moon Over Miami - Destination Wedding Brides - The Art of Bridal Makeup

You can’t help but be drawn to taking a sunset stroll with your fiance while the waxing crescent moon rises. Not only is it an ultra romantic way to take time to talk about your upcoming nuptials, but with the moon in its waxing phase in the zodiac sign of Pisces. During this phase, the Moon can be seen in the western sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. Continue Reading…

Posted February 9th, 2019.

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Laura’s South Beach Destination Wedding

I just love featuring real weddings in my blog that celebrate love, beauty, art and the sweet day that weaves them together.


South Beach Destination Wedding - Bride Laura


I can’t wait to receive the professional photos for this particular event, but for now, check out Laura’s South Beach Destination Wedding featuring her totally chic bridal dress. Loved her and her nontraditional ceremony, and perfectly elegant reception décor! Continue Reading…

Posted April 10th, 2018.

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Opulent & Romantic Vizcaya Wedding Bridal Makeup Look

There was so much to love about the old-world charm of Vizcaya. Beautiful Bride Charisse’s eye for detail and impeccable taste was evident through out the day. The morning started in the stunning bridal suite at EAST, a Miami hotel in the Brickell City Centre in an elegant retreat fit for a queen surrounded by downtown Miami’s unique architecture and ambience.


Opulent & Romantic Vizcaya Wedding Bridal Makeup Look - Bride Charisse


To create my bride’s romantic Opulent & Romantic Vizcaya Wedding Bridal Makeup Look, I first prepared Charisse’s face by giving her a relaxing facial. Continue Reading…

Posted February 26th, 2018.

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Bridal Makeup at the Brazilian Court

Amazing wedding for a beautiful and sweet bride – Michelle.


Bride Michelle - Bridal Makeup at the Brazilian Court


From the moment you arrive at the historic Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club in the heart of Palm Beach, you feel the serenity and magical beauty of its splendor. With a history dating back to 1926, the Brazilian Court has been the romantic home-away-from-home for the likes of Greta Garbo, Judy Garland and the Kennedy Family, who used the famous European-style hotel to house ambassadors and VIPs before, during and after it was the JFK Winter White House. Continue Reading…

Posted October 10th, 2017.

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Did you know that choosing your wedding day makeup can be the hardest decision you’ll make after choosing the groom?


Bridal Makeup And Your BOHO Dress


While your dress is definitely crucial, your bridal makeup is equally important — not only will everyone will be looking at your face and its radiant glow, but photos are forever. A good rule of thumb is to start thinking about your makeup early on — perhaps right after you lock down your boho dress. That way your whole entire vibe goes together. So, if you’re going with a boho vintage-inspired lace gown like the one seen here, think ethereal style when it comes to your makeup. Continue Reading…

Posted August 28th, 2017.

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Here Is Why I Love Creating Makeup Looks For My Indian Brides

Vizcaya‘s naturally romantic vibes and gorgeous old world architecture makes it one of my favorite locations in Miami, so it’s no surprise that this seaside paradise was the backdrop for the Beautiful Indian Bride Richa’s e-shoot.


Indian Bride Richa - Viscaya E-Shoot


Taking full advantage of this most magical venue, Haring Photography captured Richa’s romantic adventure from every angle, showcasing the stunning gardens and views of Biscayne Bay in nearly every photo. Continue Reading…

Posted August 14th, 2017.

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Just like you needed to move fast on your favorite wedding venue or photographer, you’ll need to make a decision about your bridal makeup artist early on.


Bridal Makeup Tip Of The Day - Book Your Makeup Artist Early!


Did you know that the most in-demand artists are usually booked early?

Finding an artist that you mesh well with and that can bring your vision to life is a lot more important than brides think. Your makeup artist should be someone who makes you feel comfortable, cared for, and confident. Continue Reading…

Posted August 7th, 2017.

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The Ocean Is Calling – Bridal Makeup & Hair Designed For The Tropics

Here in Miami Beach, Summer is in full swing and so is the heat. Inviting all brides to pack your bags — you’re sure to make a splash on your wedding day with our destination-perfect HAIR & MAKEUP offerings.


The Ocean Is Calling - Bridal Makeup & Hair Designed For The Tropics


We’ve noticed that the traditional wedding ceremony of a bride and groom saying their vows in a church is no longer the norm among our brides, who are more adventurous in their vision of where they see themselves getting married. Continue Reading…

Posted July 14th, 2017.

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Indian Bridal Makeup – Jesica’s Romantic Morning

In the wee hours (4am to be exact) of the morning, last August, the beautiful bride to be, Jesica, arrived at my studio to have her bridal makeup and hair artistically done for her Bal Harbour Beach sunrise engagement photo shoot. Choosing the right bridal makeup look is one of the most exciting parts of planning for your big day. I wanted to create a makeup look that was an extension of who Jesica is.The aim was to create a look that was effortless. That was the one word that encapsulates what Jesica wanted to achieve when it came to her bridal e-shoot makeup.

All I can say is “Looking Effortless Takes Effort!” Often, that which looks effortless takes the greatest of skill and artistry to achieve. When you combine such a lovely bride (inside and out) and the incredibly talented photography of Otto Haring, the result is an over-the-top romantic look, and if weddings are anything, they are just that. It was a great pleasure enhancing Jesica’s beauty while making it look like we didn’t have try too hard. Check out the engagement photos:


Indian Bridal Makeup - Jesica's Romantic Morning

Continue Reading…

Posted June 19th, 2017.

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