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Don’t Let Tears Of Joy Ruin Your Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is going to be an emotional day so your eyes need to be especially tear-proof, as should the rest of your face.


Don't Let Tears Of Joy Ruin Your Bridal Makeup

Don’t Let Tears Of Joy Ruin Your Bridal Makeup


I always try to choose cosmetics that will go the distance. A base that remains flawless, no matter how many salty tears may flow, is essential. It is important to choose the correct foundation and concealer when you anticipate that you will be crying to prevent problems such as streaking. Unfortunately, the truth is that there really aren’t any cosmetics out there that are 100% guaranteed to withstand streaking. Consequently, I would recommend focusing on making sure you have the proper repair tools for afterwards.

Simply fold a tissue several times and gently blot your face below your lash line, particularly in that leaky inner corner. My advice is to not wipe away tears, but to “brush up” to prevent streaking. Bend your index finger, brushing up along with tissue where the tear is. You’ll need a powder puff to touch up and fix any streaks as long as you pat it dry and don’t wipe it so that the makeup won’t rub off.

The first rule of crying in your makeup is DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES.

No worries… I always use a waterproof sealer for added staying power. The sealers I use are designed for underwater use on special effects makeup and photo shoots. Deiso and Benefit’s “She Laq” with their tear-proof formulas, help keep eye makeup, liners, mascara, even lipstick, from smearing and streaking from tears. These clear, liquid makeup sealers will completely seal your look so your face stays put no matter how many tissues you go through.

I also always use a strong, professional grade makeup sealer on top of my brides’ finished faces for added durability.  My personal preference is Skindinavia for the most advanced technology that is designed to make your makeup stay put, with a unique streak and fade-proof formula, which means that should you wish, you can uncontrollably sob and wail your way through your most important event with no danger of  ‘tear-tracks’ spoiling your look.


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