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Earth Day, Bridal Beauty & Moon in Sagittarius

When the Moon is in the Fire zodiac sign of Sagittarius, emotions search expression in a creative way.

Earth Day, Bridal Beauty & Moon in Sagittarius

Billions of people participate in Earth Day worldwide. Voicing their appreciation for the planet. Demanding its protection for the future. Encouraging individuals, organizations and governments to do their part. Today the land is looking so lush here in South Florida with our own kind of springtime subtropical energy in the air…. As the sun is in now in Taurus creatively expressing itself by bringing in these feel good vibes to inspires us to achieve the goals of a clean, green and pure earth.

The Sagittarius Moon awakens us to our hope, enthusiasm, potential, and to the belief in ourselves. If a fabulous future that may appear impossible or unrealistic when looking at your current circumstance, then rely on this lunation to clear out obstacles by influencing you to dive into the depths of your own optimism to try to envision a reality that feels instrumentally better than the one you are living in right now.

New statistics indicate that the average wedding produces over 400 lbs of trash, keep in mind that the same wedding will rack up, on the average of 63 tons of carbon dioxide. While your crunching all those numbers multiply that times 2.2 million weddings per year. That’s a pretty big footprint… How about celebrating Earth Day by having a green wedding? It’s not just about remembering to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle on Earth Day, it really needs to be done on every day that we live on our beautiful planet.

Carry your celebration of Earth Day through your wedding in these simple ways:

  • The amount of money spent on florals is extraordinary! Flowers that have to be flown in might be beautiful but aren’t eco-friendly. Talk to your florist about buying locally and supporting sustainable farms and florists.
  • Have recycling bins not just trash cans at venue.
  • Choose a caterer that uses locally grown and organic food.
  • Use reused linens.
  • Choose invitations that are made of recycled paper and eco-friendly.
  • Small plants or trees for each guest to take home and plant make wonderful favors.

I am a psychic advisor as well as a professional makeup artist with over 20 years of experience. I specialize in bridal makeup. My brides say that I have an uncanny way of going deep to the core and putting things into perspective, as well as being able to create a stellar makeup look. A Tarot reading is one of the most popular types of psychic readings because it can give deep insights into your upcoming marriage.

Contact me for a specially priced earth day trial run with a complimentary Tarot Reading at 305-331-9682

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