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“GET IN LINE” – Fashion Runway Black Eyeliner Looks

Time To Delineate! - Fashion Runway Black Eyeliner Looks

Time To Delineate! – Fashion Runway Black Eyeliner Looks

The transformative power of makeup never ceases to amaze me. For the upcoming season, the makeup looks are drizzled in sexiness as a myriad of hot and fabulous cosmetics in an array of intense hues. Makeup trends are more unconventional and imaginative than ever. I love how the makeup is an integral piece of any runway show; it adds to the aesthetic of the show and helps to showcase the clothes.


Favorite looks from the best fashion shows of Spring/Summer 2012

Favorite looks from best fashion shows of Spring/Summer 2012

Black-lined, sultry, smoky and sexy cat eyes are more relevant than ever for spring/summer 2012


Winged liner has added a sexy feline vibe to spring 2012 fashion

Winged liner has added a sexy feline vibe to spring 2012 fashion – Cat Eyes

Perfect, highlighted skin was a great canvas for this dramatic, graphic liner. Black Liner was used to create a technical line on the top lash and under the bottom lash, in order to elongate the eyes.


Marios Schwab Val Garland for Marios Schwab

Marios Schwab Val Garland for Marios Schwab

For spring/summer 2012, black liner, the perennial favorite in the beauty world, was used in a multitude of ways. Pencil and gel liners for the sultry, smudgy looks that are so trendy this season.


Winged looks at Jonathan Saunders

Winged looks at Jonathan Saunders

The cat walks were also filled models with inky liquid black eyeliner looks for the more dramatic effects of the summer season.


Bellezza Asimmetrica at Gianfranco Ferré

Bellezza Asimmetrica at Gianfranco Ferré

Gianfranco Ferré’s overstated smoky eye look from the Fall 2012 Milan Week is still oh so relevant today… I am so freshly inspired by the Gianfranco Ferré runway looks. Just like architecture, the artistry of forms are assembled in the light and shadows of this powerful, graphic and oh so smoky eye makeup. Its all about drafting tools and sable brushes.


La Dolce Vita editorial featured in Marie Claire May 2012

La Dolce Vita editorial featured in Marie Claire May 2012

So how do these looks inspire bridal makeup?

From the catwalk to the altar… I love to see the hot trends on the runway and how they inspire real brides! It seems as couture fashion this season is all about cat eyes, which is a great concept for brides as well because it such a versatile look. You can wear retro winged liner for a more vintage look or delineate and smoke out your eyes for more of an edgier look. This spring makeup look for Dolce & Gabbana by makeup artist Pat McGrath is a perfect example of how very sensual, very soft, and very sexy this look can translate in to.


How to Get Seductive Smoky, Cat Eyes

1. Start by curling your lashes, then blend a light layer of eye-shadow primer from lids to brows so the eyeshadow can grip on and prevent it from fading and migrating.

2. Gently pull your lid upward so you can see its inner rim. Line the rim with a few coats of jet-black waterproof pencil. Then line the inner rim of your lower lash line.

3. Now use the same pencil to line the skin directly above your upper lash line. Blend color into lashes with an angled brush.

4. Layering liquid liner over pencil is the key to a long lasting look—the liquid dries and locks down the first layer of color. With a black liquid-liner pen, make four evenly spaced dashes over the pencil line, then connect them.

5. No look is complete without a pair of fantastic lashes to enhance those gorgeous eyes of yours! Fake eyelashes are something that instantly add DRAMA to your eyes so don’t be afraid to add a pair fierce lashes. For this look you will need a pair of dramatically angled black false eyelashes for the quickest, easiest way to open up your eyes and make them appear infinitely larger. Make sure they have winged outer edges for an incredible cat eye effect.

6. Create the winged-out edge with your liner (once the lash glue is dry). Close your eye, and trace a finger along your upper lid’s crease, moving outward. When it meets the bony part of your eye, mark the spot with a dot of liquid liner.

7. Place the tip of the liquid-liner pen on the dot, and drag it to the outer corner of your eye, thickening the line as you go.

8. Dab your lid with a cream-colored liquid shadow, then place a metallic version on the area just above your crease line and inner corner. Like creams, liquids catch light but stand up better to the heat. Finish with a coat of black mascara.

As a professional makeup artist dedicated to bridal I like to demystify the beauty tricks and empower my brides to enjoy the benefits of perfectly applied makeup. I have been highly recognized for my ability to translate trends, tips and techniques into looks that work for an array of skin types, it has been my mission to offer my brides a blueprint for creating looks for their weddings that they once thought were beyond their reach.

Whether you are planning a special occasion, a wedding, a fashion show or media event, Aradia and the BRIDAL MAKEOVERS team are primed to deliver an amazing experience. Learn more about booking BRIDAL MAKEOVERS for your function or event by clicking on the links below.

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