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In Honor of the Royal Wedding…

The date of the Royal Wedding – Friday, 29th April – is inching ever closer… How will Kate Middleton’s makeup measure up to history?

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton – Just a little powder to kill the shine would have not  hurt here…

It has been reported that she will be doing her own makeup on the big day, however, she has decided to take private lessons with a professional makeup artist. I applaud her for this decision at least. I always inform my brides that if they insist on doing their own makeup for their weddings,  that a lesson or two is crucial to a photo ready look.

With 1,900 guests in attendance and the eyes of the world set to be upon her, Kate Middleton’s ‘bridal makeup look’ will be scrutinized in fashion magazines and the web for months to come. Wouldn’t you want your wedding day makeup to be absolutely flawless? I hope Kate practiced everything she learned in her makeup lessons and I hope that she will not be so nervous that she forgets everything! A little back up assistance wouldn’t hurt though,  especially for the touch-ups. Good luck Kate!

Brides throughout history have used makeup to enhance their looks. Royal Brides of the past used cosmetic formulas that were also used in aphrodisiacs. However, vanity was still an issue, so cosmetics still had a place on the face. The ancient Romans believed a woman without paint is like food without salt.

Moral of the story… Most women think they know how to do their own makeup. They’ll do it every day and they’ll think it looks good. But what you see face-to-face, and what the camera sees, are two different things. Hiring someone with a professional makeup background who understands how makeup reads in a photograph is an advantage.

If you prefer to do it yourself… Learning how to create a photo ready makeup look is a valuable skill that will empower your beauty and self confidence on your big day and any other time you want to create a special look for your self.

For info on creating a photo ready makeup look, go to:  Bridal Makeup Lesson Workshop

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