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Lunar Capricorn Bridal Beauty

The Feminine force of the Moon is now in the sign of Capricorn. This lunar Capricorn energy isn’t the least bit afraid of hard work — in fact, it recognizes hard work as simply a tool for getting what you desire. This Capricornian waning Moon invites us to dive deeper with Her, to explore Her earthiness and discover the gifts She has for us.

Lunar Capricorn Bridal Beauty

Why is this such a great time to have your bridal trial run? Because the Capricorn moon helps us identify what we need to respond to – the areas of need which need tending to for everything to function well.

Want to look polished for your wedding but not made-up? Spring’s most flattering shades are soft, muted, and simply gorgeous. The Capricorn Moon’s reigning color is nudish-brown, due to the sign’s roots in all things earthy. Symbolized by the mountain goat, this sign is connected to nature on a deeper level than most of the other signs. Shades of brown-toned nudes will give you power and create gorgeous makeup looks, no matter your complexion. The general rule for picking the right neutral—whether your skin tone is fair, medium, or dark—is to stick to hues within two shades (lighter or darker) of your natural lip, cheek, and eyelid colors.

If you are searching for stellar makeup and hair for your wedding day along with some insightful guidance, then allow Aradia and the magic of the cards combined with her artistry for beauty to illuminate you! Always photographing beautifully, the work of our Bridal Hair & Makeup team will bring our passion for beauty to our clients image, always delivering the best of the best. Available for travel to destinations worldwide.

Makeup Artistry & Love Specialist – ARADIA

Contact me for your bridal beauty needs and a highly intuitive Tarot reading today – 305-331-9682

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SPECIAL BRIDAL RATE: $30 for a 30 min. reading with a regular priced Hair & Makeup Trial Run.

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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