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The Moon Is In Cancer this weekend…


The Moon Represents The Feminine & Nurturing Aspects Of A Bride's Experience

The Moon Represents The Feminine & Nurturing Aspects Of A Bride’s Experience


This is the most subjective position of the Moon. The Moon is “at home” in the sign of Cancer, as the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign. When the Moon transits this water element sign (the water element is the feminine or yin energy of feeling), emotions will be heightened during this Cancerian lunation, and it’s easy become moody if you don’t express how you’re feeling. But no worries, this extra emotion doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You’ll have an easier time tuning into your emotional needs, giving you a better understanding of the look and feel of your upcoming wedding.

This is a great weekend to combine your bridal trial run with a Tarot reading because it’s a receptive and sensitive time when to subtle currents of interconnection, flow through everything, connecting us at a deeper at a more unconscious level than that provided by logical thought. The feminine energies of the moon influences your bridal beauty style. A Tarot consultation blended with your Hair & Makeup trial run will give you good, clear guidance on not just your wedding look, but on the wedding itself. You can ask specific questions, or get an insight into your relationship during this merging of two art forms – Beauty & Tarot.

So if you have questions about your upcoming wedding or your relationship, a good Tarot Reading session can help you understand your feelings and your partner’s feelings, rectify self-shortcomings, and help make your relationship become warmer, more passionate and more alive. A relationships Tarot spread is something that can give you immediate answers to relationship questions that you have right now.


FREE Tarot Reading with your Bridal Makeup Trial Run by Aradia.


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I hope to leave you feeling more connected to the love & magic all around with your gorgeous bridal look,




Always photographing beautifully, the work of our Bridal Hair & Makeup team will bring our passion for beauty to our clients image, always delivering the best of the best. I would love to offer you a sensitive and intuitive Tarot reading to guide you on your bridal journey, along with a beautiful bridal look!

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