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Miami Beach Destination Wedding Trends

Miami Beach Destination Wedding Trends

Miami Beach Destination Wedding Trends

I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world that attracts Destination Weddings all year long.  Magical Miami Beach has the power to mesmerize and capture brides from all over the world. The palms and miles of warm beaches are not the only magnet that brings more and more couples every year to this coastal city. this a very cosmopolitan city full of culture and entertainment. Miami Beach is famous for its many luxury beach resorts, perfect for Destination Weddings.

Miami Beach is hot because it appeals both to those who want to run away and get married somewhere exotic, as well as to couples who want to share a really memorable wedding experience. Couples are grabbing hold of this idea because, instead of having just one day to celebrate their nuptials, they have several days of quality time together. Compare this with the traditional wedding, where often times the day speeds by in a whirlwind and the couple has only fleeting moments to spend with individual guests and you start to see the appeal of the destination wedding.

The Bridal Makeovers team specializes in beach weddings. Through trial and error we have figured out just what cosmetics and hair products work best in our sub tropical weather. Did I mention it gets hot here? Really hot but, no worries our brides do not melt. We have the skill, talent and artistry to make sure of that our brides stay fresh, that and a couple of mojitos, those mint leaves in that authentic cocktail from Havana are sooo crisp and refreshing!

More and more brides are choosing to wed in our exotic, but laid-back tropical wedding location. They want to enjoy their special day in a beautiful, but natural and comfortable look without all the fuss of heavy makeup and stiff, formal hairstyles. How are Beach Wedding Makeup and Hair Styles different than regular wedding makeup and hairstyles for brides? Beach wedding makeup and hairstyles are usually more relaxed & casual.

Get inspiration for your beach wedding makeup and hair style here.

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