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POWDER POWER for Beautiful Bridal Portraits

Myth: Brides don’t sweat, they glisten and glow.
Reality: Unwanted shiny spots on your bridal face can ruin your portrait.


Face Powder Power for Beautiful Bridal Portraits

Face Powder Power for Beautiful Bridal Portraits


A beautiful portrait shot captures the essence of who the bride is. Sometimes however, the lights being used on brides are too harsh, or the bride’s face is not powdered enough so shiny spots on the face seep in. Shiny spots on your face are unsightly, but despite all I do in prepping you, sometimes they are hard to prevent on brides that have oily skin. However they are avoidable.

Whether you are saying “I do” or wrapping up your last dance, you don’t want to be thinking about how the professional makeup application (that was applied hours ago) is holding up on your big day. But how do you touch-up your bridal look in order for it maintain beautiful from the beginning to end of your wedding? Here are my bride-tested techniques for a flawless face.


Skin Powder Power for Beautiful Bridal Portraits

Face Powder Power for Beautiful Bridal Portraits


Brides sometimes make the mistake of toning down shine with powder puff and face powder, which can be problematic. Before you pull out your compact you’ll want to use blotting papers first. If you are getting married in South Florida you will probably end up at some point a little hot, sweaty and shiny, you don’t want to add powder onto oil and perspiration – you’ll get a floury, chalky mess! Instead, blot forehead, nose, upper chin and the area above the eyebrows with blotting papers to absorb oils without disturbing makeup. Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers are great at soaking up excess oil.


Skin Powder Power for Beautiful Bridal Portraits

High Definition Loose Powder with a Light Brush


Once you blot, then what?

Powder sets make-up, reduces shine and evens the skin tone – in other words it’s an essential make-up basic for your photo-ready touch-ups for your big day! But finding the right color and texture for oily skin can be tricky. I’ve experimented with a lot of them and here are my favorites.

I really love Clinique’s Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder Oil-Free. It’s a pressed powder and it works so well because it’s a shine-absorbing, oil-free formula. The ultra-sheer texture of this pressed powder gives skin a perfected matte appearance. It’s great for oily skin and maintains a fresh look and feel, even after frequent touch-ups. It provides sheer-to-moderate coverage.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder does a good job at zapping shine. This pressed powder works better than some of the more expensive department store brands. It matches the skin almost exactly, so the fact that it is sheer is almost secondary. It manages to feel micro-fine, so it doesn’t settle into pores and fine lines.

Estee Lauder Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder is fantastic and one of the best powders for oily skin.  I love that it doesn’t sit heavily on the skin and it gives makeup a polished, flawless finish, and the staying power. This powder also gives full coverage without the cakey look and will not clog your pores.

Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder – Shine Control is a translucent, oil-free powder that visibly eliminates shine and produces a fresh, matte complexion. This powder also offers perfect color, not too pasty, not too bright and it has great staying power.  It’s really great overall at decreasing oiliness because it’s very lightweight.  It’s ideal for touch-ups throughout the big day as it keeps your complexion flawless and shine-free.


Skin Powder Power for Beautiful Bridal Portraits

POWDER POWER for Beautiful Bridal Portraits


Remember brides, you will be taking a hundred pictures that will be with you for an eternity. It’s important to have your best face on your big day! With these tips in mind, you will look like a fresh and radiant bride for your entire wedding day.

Also remember that Iridescent, shiny type of makeup, colors and powders must be avoided if flashbulbs will be used for the wedding pictures. They can also cause your face to look shiny on your photos. A pro makeup artist applying a high definition loose powder with a light brush would be more ideal. In my opinion, anything that can be done to get the image right when it hits the camera, should be done. Photo-ready makeup is a MUCH better option than doing it later in Photoshop, as any image that your photographer has to Photoshop takes time and ends costing you more.

Congratulations and Best Wishes!


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