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Having Professionally Applied Makeup for Your Destination Wedding?

What Beauty Essentials Should You Pack?


More on your mind than what goes in your carry-on bag.

More on your mind than what goes in your carry-on bag.


A few cosmetics go a long way, and with the rising cost of baggage fees, it’s a good idea to pack lightly. And since you are having your hair done and makeup professionally applied, you won’t need much. With all that kissing you’ll be doing, besides bringing a great touch-up lipstick, you will also need the following:


Remember to bring oil blotting sheets.

Remember to bring oil blotting sheets.


My # 1 photo-ready makeup tip is glow, don’t shine. Oil-absorbing sheets help keep complexion clean, fresh, and matte by absorbing excess oil from skin without disturbing your makeup or leaving a powdery residue.


Don't forget hairspray.

Don’t forget hairspray.


Luster and fullness make any hairstyle pop in a photo. After your hair has been beautifully styled you’ll want to bring along a small anti-humidity hairspray that commands shine reflection and holds the memory of your finished hairstyle, whether it’s tousled beach waves, a classic blow-out or formal look.


Don't forget your sunscreen.

Don’t forget your sunscreen.


Sun protection is a must for destination brides. I recommend Clarins SPF 40 Dayscreen. It’s oil-free and has a titanium dioxide, no worries it doesn’t make your skin look super white. Since a lot of your photos will be taken outside, this is a must.


A bronze shimmering body is a must.

A bronze shimmering body is a must.


Didn’t have a chance to tan before your destination beach wedding, but still want your skin to look glowy and shimmery? To get a sun-kissed look you’ll need a lightweight, sheer gel or dry oil to add a warm glow to your skin.This is one of my favorite type of beauty products for brides and in my opinion, a beauty essential! One of my favorites is Laura Mercier’s Bronzing Gel because it flawlessly blends leaving the skin golden and hydrated.


Don't leave behind you fab dress to go with your fab makeup.

Don’t leave behind you fab dress to go with your fab makeup.


OK so maybe this is not a cosmetic but, packing and traveling with your wedding dress is such a high priority that I thought I would include it here (just in case). And yes, I have had a bridal client that remembered to pack everything except her dress! So, just put it in a garment bag and stow it in the overhead bin of the plane. You definitely do not want to lose your wedding dres if your luggage gets lost in transit. And sadly yes, I have a bridal client who lost her dress on her way to her destination wedding.

Happy packing! See you in Miami Beach!

NOTE: Viewing a makeup artist’s portfolio is crucial in determining if he/she specializes in destination weddings — an experienced destination wedding beauty team usually has at least a dozen far-flung weddings under his/her belt. When looking for a beauty team, it’s helpful to look for someone who specializes in weddings at your specific location, so ask if and how many weddings the team has done at your intended destination.

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Living in one of the top destination wedding locations in the world – Miami Beach, I have had the immense pleasure and honor of creating the bridal makeup looks for 1000’s of brides over the past 20 years. Contact me and let me show you how to plan a destination wedding beauty session that will be personalized and stress free.


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Images # 2-5: Model Caroline Wilson
Editorial photo shoot: Pushing Back The Dawn
Wedding publication: The Lane
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