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Should I Or Shouldn’t I Wear False Eyelashes On My Wedding Day?

Lashes! Should I or shouldn’t I wear false eyelashes on my wedding day?

Accentuate those big beautiful eyes on your big day with properly applied false eyelashes. Photo Credit - Eric Traore

Accentuate Those Big Beautiful Eyes On Your Big Day!


Long and lush lashes will always be in. So yes, using them to accentuate those big beautiful eyes on your big day will make the big difference of night and day in your photos! The best part is if they are put on correctly you’ll still have them for your honeymoon. After all, eyelashes are an infallible, eternal method of seduction and they can never be long enough.

I know that in most cases, looking “fake” is a bad thing, but as many of you brides know, an exception to this golden rule are your eyelashes. With lashes, the bigger the better. False eyelashes provide a dramatic way to add length and volume to your natural lashes and enhance the entire look of your eye makeup.

Add Length And Volume To Your Natural Lashes

Add Length And Volume To Your Natural Lashes


I love to apply lashes on my brides. The individuals (clusters), half lash or wispy lashes are perfect for my brides who want to look like themselves but, with a little extra something. False eyelashes always complete the whole look on your wedding day even for brides that want look very soft and natural. You should know that even my most beautifully blended smokey eyes would look somewhat incomplete if they were created without adding those long, gorgeous lashes. Therefore dear brides, wearing false eye lashes will definitely make your eyes look more beautiful. There are so many styles out there in the world of lashes – if applied correctly they can look natural and stay in place. I have never had a bride cry so much that her lashes come off.

I've never had a bride cry so much that her lashes come off!

I’ve never had a bride cry so much that her lashes come off!


False eyelashes have gained popularity not only among the celebrities but also among brides. Available in various styles, colors, and sizes, false eyelashes instantly give a mysterious and alluring look to your eyes by making the eyelashes look longer, thicker and fuller.

False Eyelashes - Available In Many Styles, Colors And Sizes

False Eyelashes – Available In Many Styles, Colors And Sizes

Can you tell that I am pro false lashes all the way?


Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer, Thicker And Fuller!

Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer, Thicker And Fuller!


A Brief History On Lashes

Traditional mascara has been a fixture in women’s beauty cases around the world for almost a century. It was invented in 1913 by the chemist T.L. Williams to help his sister win the heart of her boyfriend. Originally crafted from human hair and gauze in the beginning of the 20th century, false eyelashes were once only for the Hollywood elite. It is said that director D.W. Griffith created the first pair of falsies in 1916 for an actress in one of his movies. Something tells me that the brides of that era weren’t too far behind in the quest for flirtatious eyes.

1920's Bride Nancy Carroll

1920’s Bride Nancy Carroll


If you have B&W bridal photos taken, you can play with texture and modernize this vintage 30’s Joan Crawford look with a pair of glamorous lashes.

Vintage 1930's Joan Crawford Look With A Pair Of Glamorous Lashes

Vintage 1930’s Joan Crawford Look With A Pair Of Glamorous Lashes


40’s film stars like Rita Hayworth were glamorous and alluring, with makeup that focused on their lovely eyelashes.

Rita Hayworth - Glamorous, Alluring - With Makeup Focused Lovely Eyelashes

Rita Hayworth – Glamorous, Alluring – Makeup Focused on Lovely Eyelashes


Marilyn Monroe was a big fan of wearing false eyelashes.

Marilyn Monroe Was A Big Fan Of Wearing False Eyelashes

Marilyn Monroe – Big Fan of Wearing False Eyelashes


Fake eyelashes, nude colored lips and fabulous eye shadow were the building blocks for achieving a dramatic 60’s style like Priscilla Presley’s bridal look.

Dramatic 1960's Style - Priscilla Presley'S Bridal Look

Dramatic 1960’s Style – Priscilla Presley’s Bridal Look


Brigitte Bardot’s 1970’s signature lashes and cat eye makeup look was full of drama and glamour, far from the natural look of the emerging hippies. Brigitte Bardot had a look all her own and imitations of her look are still requested by brides today.

Brigitte Bardot's 1970's Signature Lashes And Cat Eye Makeup Look

Brigitte Bardot’s 1970’s Signature Lashes And Cat Eye Makeup Look


How do you apply false eyelashes like a pro?

NOTE: Applying false lashes can be quite tricky, so unless you’re hiring a pro, get some practice in with them first.

  •  Hold the lashes up to your eye and measure them. Trim them to fit as needed.
  • Make the band pliable by rolling them in your fingers. This ensures they won’t lift at the edges.
  • Put some glue on a tissue and apply it to the lash evenly with a toothpick.
  • Wait for up to 20 seconds for the glue to go tacky.
  • Look up and tilt your head back; then place at the ridge of the lash line.
  • Once it’s rested, use tweezers or the end of a makeup brush to fix it, starting at the outer corner and working inwards.
  • Apply mascara afterwards to blend in gaps.

Proper Removal of False Eyelashes

Most false lashes will simply pull away from your eyelid at the end of the night. Reduce the chance of irritating your eyelid and pulling out your natural lashes by applying an oil-based makeup remover first. A dab of remover on a cotton swab will loosen the glue at the base of the lashes and make them easier to take off. After removing the falsies, gently clean both your natural lashes and the false ones if you plan to reuse them.


With over 20 years of experience, Aradia is one of the most highly regarded make-up artists in South Florida. Whether she’s called upon to create her signature look, best described as glamorous and flawless or to work her magic for the wedding aisle, catwalk or on editorial shoots, her understated, modern approach to beauty has made her indispensable to brides, magazine editors, designers and celebrities alike.

Bridal Makeovers’ owner and lead artist Aradia is the proud winner of the 2012 Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Awards for her Bridal Makeup applications!

WeddingWire 2012 Bride's Choice Award

Thank you to everyone for your support in helping me win this award. It truly is an honor to have been selected as a winner!

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