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Dovima – 1950’s Supermodel Supreme

Being that I am so busy taking care of my beautiful brides most of the time, it’s not often that I am able to relax and contemplate my life and the many people and events that have inspired me as an artist. One such person is the legendary 1950’s supermodel Dovima. Dovima was the most glamorous and highly paid fashion model of the 1950’s.

Photographer Richard Avedon’s collaboration with Dovima on the pages of the foremost fashion magazines of the time created a union that provided some of the most spectacular and iconic fashion photographs in history. His photograph “Dovima with Elephants,” featured the first evening dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent, then a young assistant to Christian Dior. It remains one of the most anthologized of fashion photographs.

Dovima With Elephants - Cirque d'Hiver, Paris 1955, Richard Avedon

Dovima With Elephants – Paris 1955, Richard Avedon


Divine Dovima had a face that makes you reconsider your perceptions of beauty.

Dovima - 1950s Supermodel Supreme

Dovima – 1950s Supermodel Supreme


She was the super-sophisticated model in a sophisticated time, definitely not the girl next door!

Dovima - Elegant, Aristocratic

Dovima – Elegant, Aristocratic


I had the honor of meeting the legendary Dovima when I was a young art student learning fashion illustration. What a muse! What an inspiration! 1950s supermodel supreme, Dovima modeled the perfect poses for my fashion drawings 30 years later. She was an aspiring illustrator herself when she was “discovered” so I felt a special connection with her. Even in her 60’s she was beautiful, kind and, oh so elegant! Meeting her made such an impression on me with regards to fashion and makeup artistry. Continue Reading…

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