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Just like you needed to move fast on your favorite wedding venue or photographer, you’ll need to make a decision about your bridal makeup artist early on.


Bridal Makeup Tip Of The Day - Book Your Makeup Artist Early!


Did you know that the most in-demand artists are usually booked early?

Finding an artist that you mesh well with and that can bring your vision to life is a lot more important than brides think. Your makeup artist should be someone who makes you feel comfortable, cared for, and confident. Continue Reading…

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Choosing a Wedding Makeup Artist

Hello Beautiful Brides 2 B,

Today I would like to offer all you some tips on choosing the right makeup artist for your special day. I understand how finding a makeup artist for you’re wedding can definitely be one of the most strenuous tasks there is in planning for your wedding! What a stressful process since their work will determine how you look in your wedding photos.

  • It’s important to hire a makeup artist that specializes in bridal makeup, and that has been trained in how to create a long-lasting application that will look not only amazing in person, but on film. Since your wedding day makeup is critical for being camera ready for your photographs. It’s easy to overlook or assume that your “everyday makeup” applied a little heavier will do the trick.
  • Review several makeup artist websites. Look at their portfolio of work and decide if their style of makeup is similar to your own. When looking over the images, check for things such as skin tone matching, attention to detail and if they include any current bridal makeup trend pictures in their portfolio of work
  • Contact the makeup artists from your list and choose the one you like best. A top makeup artist should demonstrate an open and friendly manner on the phone. Be sure you have a calm and confident feeling when you’re speaking with them. If they exude a calm and natural manner over the phone they will likely be this way in person and will keep you calm on your wedding day. Its important to make sure you really get along with the makeup artist and that the artist is listening to your needs, as this is going to be your very special day, but also be open to suggestions from your artist.
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