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Bridal Makeup Inspired By The Aquarius Moon

Energizing Aquarian energy lifts the veil of heavy emotions so we can be inspired to view the world from a different lens. This is the ideal time to have your bridal makeup trial run. The Waxing Crescent Moon is in Aquarius until Tuesday the 5th of November.


Bridal Makeup Inspired By The Aquarius Moon


Diving deep into the mysteries and the guidance of the Tarot can result in a creatively unique bridal look. This is because Aquarian lunar energy is cutting-edge.

Knowing about the Moon’s influence is beneficial for brides trying to figure everything out from which dress to choose to what style of hair and makeup is best for them. The moon in Aquarius gives the perception of everything that is associated with freedom, spiritual growth, and it’s especially insightful on the union of two people that are close in spirit wanting to celebrate it by marrying.

Leave your logical mind behind and slip into the dreamier state of intuition and imagination by having your Tarot cards read today. I invite you to dive into your inner beauty!

If you are searching for stellar makeup and hair for your wedding day along with some insightful guidance, then allow Aradia and the magic of the cards combined with her artistry for beauty to illuminate you! Call me today 305-331-9682

Much love and gratitude,


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

The Art Of Bridal Makeup by Aradia
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Bridal Goddess Makeup Inspired By The Magical Moon

The moon is now waning in Virgo, the sign of sacred space. This is relevant for brides because it resonates with the qualities of Fortuna Virgo. She was an aspect of the Roman Goddess of good luck, Fortuna, Who watched over new brides and brought them luck in their marriages. Virgo is also associated with Virgin Goddesses, often called the Great Goddess or the Great Harlot. She can be both because her divine power comes directly from within herself, not from a consort or god. How appropriate for the modern bride.


Bridal Goddess Makeup Inspired By The Magical Moon


When the moon transits through this sign we are urged to honour our bodies as temples. Why? Continue Reading…

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Bridal Hair, Makeup Artistry & Tarot Readings For The Transiting Moon In Sagittarius

Are you considering a natural makeup look with a gorgeous ponytail for your wedding hairstyle? Never underestimate the power of a clean, high ponytail. Believe it or not, the basic pony can be dressed up to look bride-worthy. I can’t think of a better way to show off the details on the back of your beautiful gown.


Bridal Hair, Makeup Artistry & Tarot Readings For The Transiting Moon In Sagittarius


I have a fascination with not only bridal hair and makeup, but with the art of divination, especially the Tarot. And I can tell you that when it comes to your wedding day, it’s easy to overthink things. Sure, it’s one of the biggest days of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take on the less-is-more approach to your wedding-day hairstyle and makeup. Continue Reading…

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Bridal Makeup, Hair & Tarot For The Moon In Aries

Are you in need of clarity, guidance and a beautiful makeup application? If you have a clearly formulated question in mind and want some guidance through for wedding beauty planning process, I can be of great assistance. It’s funny how the Tarot and astrology’s popularity comes and goes, ebbs and flows.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
~ C.G. Jung

Do you remember how in the 60’s and 70’s the hippies were really into it? Now in 2019, astrology has come back in a big way, and the best part is that brides aren’t at all ashamed of their astrology interest. Continue Reading…

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Bridal Makeup, Hair & Tarot For The Moon In Pisces

Pisces is ruled by ethereal Neptune, the planet that shows us how to experience the sublime. This is why I just love combining bridal trial runs with Tarot readings at this time. Pisces is a water sign, the element of great feeling. Since the Moon in Pisces is at the end of the lunar trip through the Zodiac now, it means that sensitivity is acute and boundaries between each of us dissolve when the Moon is passing through Pisces.

When the Moon is in Pisces, we swim in imaginative currents that go beyond the normal limits of space and time. It’s a mood when beauty, hairstyles and makeup artistry convey messages to the bridal spirit. It’s a great time to nourish the imagination. I love doing trial runs when the Moon is in Pisces because this transit makes the invisible visible and the divine tangible. Continue Reading…

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Grecian Bridal Goddess – Art Of Bridal Makeup

I believe that every bride should feel like and look like a goddess on her wedding day


Grecian Bridal Goddess - Art-Of-Bridal-Makeup-By-Aradia


Ancient Grecian brides were not afraid of makeup. Keeping skin clear and soft was also a high priority in the Greek culture. Honey and olive oil were both used for cleaning and moisturizing the skin. These brides of long ago took great care with their hair as well. Once a woman got married she would tie her hair in a bun. Different types of hair accessories like a diadem, jeweled combs, hairpins were very much in vogue. Continue Reading…

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