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What’s The Best Bridal Makeup Look If You Are Wearing A Tiara?

Hey princess brides! Did you know that the first rule of wearing a tiara, according to Britain’s leading authority on the subject, is that rank does not dictate who can or cannot place a dazzling array of gems on their head?


Add some glow and sparkle to finish off your bridal look.

Add some glow and sparkle to finish off your bridal look.


Rather it is the occasion. So go ahead and rock a tiara on your big day because apart from weddings there are increasingly rare occasions these days when tiaras are absolutely essential. And besides, the ancient etiquette is that you wear a tiara for the first time on the occasion of your marriage. This is because tiaras symbolize the loss of innocence and the crowning of love.

So what’s the best bridal makeup look if you are wearing a tiara? How should you wear your hair and makeup? The updo is a classic hairstyle that is known for its versatility – a good updo can be a perfect fit for your dazing tiara. But if you have long hair then wearing it down with simple curls and a fantastic tiara will make your wedding hair look simply gorgeous on the big day. As far as makeup goes, you’ll want to create a  super sophisticated look. Search for finely milled powders that sparkle like diamonds and can be used on the eyes. You can create an elegant make-up look with some delicate yet dazzling details that will spruce up your smokey eye but, be careful not to over do it. You don’t want your makeup to compete with your tiara! The idea is to let your natural beauty shine through as you sparkle your way down the aisle.


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