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The Eyebrows Have It!

Styling, Shaping and Maintaining Your Eyebrows

We all know the importance of beautifully shaped brows. Angles and arches can instantly frame your face, giving your features a more balanced look. When brows are neglected and overly plucked they frame the face improperly. Brows can make — or break — a bride’s face. Really good brows are such an important part of a “finished look” for bridal makeup. Brows can make — or break — a face.


Hilary Rhoda, full brows frame her piercing blue eyes

Hilary Rhoda, full brows frame her piercing blue eyes


Thinner isn’t always better. Take Hilary Rhoda, for example. Much of her stunning beauty can be attributed to her, full brows which frame her piercing blue eyes.

Achieving the perfect arch is a tricky undertaking. Arched brows are the easiest way to frame your face and give you a softer, more feminine look. Don’t take it too far, or you risk the unpleasant results of an overly arched brow. So, put the tweezers down before it’s too late– it’s much easier to correct a full brow than a skinny one – details are below.  Just follow your brow’s natural growth angle. The key is to make it look like something that could really be there, not something that you painted on.

Science does not allow for magic, but it does allow for healing cosmetics.The elaborate eye makeup worn by Queen Nefertiti was believed to have healing powers.


Queen Nefertiti's eye makeup was believed to have healing powers

Queen Nefertiti’s eye makeup was believed to have healing powers


Eyebrows were traditionally considered an area with a high erotic impact. Nefertiti colored them with charcoal, Cleopatra shaved them, the Venetian courtesans perfumed them with jasmine and Marlene Dietrich wore them arched. But, the days of the pencil thin, barely-there eyebrow are gone– finally! With the latest trend of bold eyebrows, the daily brow touch up is a thing of the past.

The trend now for  brides is a fuller, nice, more natural shape and angle to brows. It’s the bit of roughness and softness that makes it more natural and appealing. Forget the too thin and manicured look of the eighties and nineties. Even if you have naturally thin eyebrows, a good makeup artist can play with technique to fill them up. The pointed arch and teardrop shapes that defined the makeup looks of the brides from the nineties are out, too. They make 2012/13 brides look dated. And thin, severe brows can be very aging, too. Who wants to look old on their wedding? A fuller, more natural and softer brow enhances a youthful look. Your wedding eyebrows should be well-defined, shaped and groomed. Your makeup artist will probably apply some transparent shimmery shadows right on your brow bone to achieve the sexy glow.


Tips for creating the best bridal brows:

Full, defined brows are lovely and today I am sharing my tips and favorite tools to help you make your brows the important part of your bridal face they should be. The looks will vary from bride to bride, but the guidelines for getting the right look for your face is the same.

Here is what you will need:

Tweezers to give you the right shape, brow pencil (a shade lighter than your brows), a highlighter pencil or flesh-toned liner, angled spooled brush for grooming, waxes and powders to fill them in and gel to keep them in place all day long and brow stencils that are sturdy are flexible (templates of varying sizes allow you to cheat full-on brows — and fast).

If you have already overdone it Talika makes an Eyebrow Extender: Unlike tinted brow gels, this is a transparent fixative with hair-like fibers that cling to your own eyebrows, adding depth and thickness and filling in over plucked spots.($35)


How To Shape Your Eyebrows Beauty Tips

Shape up your eyebrows with these transforming tips


Shape up your eyebrows with these transforming tips:

Now that skinny brows are finally passé, throw out that magnifying mirror and trade in your tweezers for a good brow pencil. Brows should start or line up at the inner corner of the eye.I tend to line the brow with the eye. I don’t use a brush or stick to line it up with the nose or anything like that because it’s all about framing the eye—not about the rest of the features. If you have a wider or perhaps a very narrow nose and follow that rule you could get yourself in trouble.

  • Angle, not point. The peak of the brow—or the arch, as most people refer to it—should have a soft angle. That “peak” should hit the outer edge of the iris—the colored part of the eye—right at the dark rim. Keep the arch of your brow right above the outside edge of the iris of your eye. Any further out and your eyes can look cross eyed, specially in wedding photos.
  • Even lengths. The length of the brow from peak to end should be roughly the same length as the inner corner to peak, so you have an even brow.
  • Don’t move! Keep a still, straight face when working on your brows. No moving or funny faces. Keep ends soft.
  • Do not over pluck the ends.If you over pluck, they can become a hard edge quick. Instead leave a softer, more gentle end.
  • Not too thin, not too thick.Make a steady, natural progression the same thickness from the inner—or front part of the brow—to the peak. When tweezing brows, hold the tip or slant of the tweezer against the skin the whole time as you tweeze going in the direction of hair growth. By keeping the tweezer against the skin, you keep away the ouch factor.Just remember don’t keep tweezing at the bottom so that all of a sudden the angle of the arch is too thick. You want to gradually reach the arch, not force a point.
  • Ease, don’t erase. Remember: Making your brows neater doesn’t mean making them thinner. Just groom your natural brow so that it’s not unruly; don’t take away the natural shape.
  • It’s important to start out with a good, clean brow shape so you know how to fill them.  Take time filling them once and then remove any stray hair outside the shape that you’ve created to make it quick and easy the rest of the days.
  • Brows naturally are a bit less concentrated where they start by our nose so they are lighter there and are darker at the end by our temples so use less shading at the front.
  • Defining the top of the brow is just as important and defining the underside of the brow so don’t neglect it.  Just put a little pigment to define it and then swipe the eyebrow brush through and it will blend perfectly.
  • Whenever you feel you’ve gone too dramatic a few swipes of the eyebrow brush will mend it and take it down a notch.
  • Keep that highlighter brow handy. It keeps those little hairs that you haven’t yet tweezed hidden by bouncing light away from the skin.
  • Avoid applying any heavy or oily products to your brows after you’ve waxed or tweezed. You’ll prevent those tiny red bumps or breakouts from happening that way.

Once you start you’ll see that it pays to spend a couple minutes each day on your brows — you won’t believe how pulled together and polished you’ll look and feel. A gentle reminder though: once you start grooming your brows you may find yourself addicted to those tweezers and pencils, so be careful not to overdo it.

Besides creating sexy eyebrows, what is more important is how to maintain it regularly so as to keep looking incredibly sexy.


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