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Freckles – Embrace Your Beautiful Bridal Face

Freckles are a beautiful trait that should be embraced and showed off, so I’m here to assist you do just that!


Embrace your beautiful bridal face and don't you dare cover those freckles!

Embrace your beautiful bridal face and don’t you dare cover those freckles!


If you’d like natural looking coverage which allows your freckles to show, without looking covered up, it’s best to use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer. This will help even out your skin tone, but will also let your freckles show, beautifully. It’s very important when doing makeup on freckled skin that the foundation be a certain “middle ground” shade. You don’t want to match their base skin color, because then they will feel pale, and you don’t want to match the colors of their freckles either (obviously!). I always choose a foundation a few shades darker than their base color, usually one with a pink undertone. When applied sparingly, this will even out their skin, hiding any imperfections, but will still allow the beauty of their freckles to show through. When it comes to blush, peach and coral shades work best because they will compliment your freckles perfectly. Add some luminizer to your face for gorgeous, glowing skin!

About Aradia

Trained in fashion and photographic work bridal and magazines, I believe that makeup is a bride’s secret weapon because of its ability to make you feel amazing on one of the most amazing days of your life! Even after more than 20 years as a makeup artist working in the bridal, fashion and beauty industry, I am constantly excited by the incredible transformative power of makeup.

Working with a selection of top makeup brands and offering fantastic bridal packages, our aim is to help you look the “Most amazing you have ever looked in your life” on your special day, in your own comfortable environment.

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia – Serving South Florida brides for more then two decades.

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

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