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Kissable Bridal Lips – Finding the Perfect Lipstick

Everyone knows that putting on lipstick is one of the factors to achieve a great finish for wedding makeup, right? But finding that perfect shade of lipstick that coordinates with your makeup, dress, and wedding feel/theme/mood can be a bit tricky. And if that’s not is hard enough, keeping it on is even harder!


One of the highlights on your wedding day will be your first kiss as husband and wife!

One of the highlights on your wedding day will be your first kiss as husband and wife!


It is important to consider the variety of lip products out there and how they can help you achieve the longest wearing lip you can get. Applying lipstick correctly will make your lips look gorgeous and luscious, which are a big attraction not only for your groom but for your guests, too! So, aim for luscious lips as part of your wedding makeup.

But first a reality check… There is no real way to make your lipstick last forever or even look pristine 24/7. You will likely have to touch-up throughout the event, and any eating/drinking will do some damage to your pout. These tips and tricks are designed to help minimize touch-ups, damage, and the overall maintenance of your lips during the big day.

Bridal Makeovers Tips For Luscious Bridal Lips

Choose Your Color! As with shadow choices, it has a lot to do with what kind of theme/type of wedding you’re having, and of course, it should coordinate with the rest of your makeup, too. As a pro bridal makeup artist I know the sure fire ways to achieve maximum kissability. I love to see pink-corals, soft pink-beiges, light pinks, nudes and sometimes the classic red. For evening weddings, a good berry or plum can work wonders, too. Bright lipsticks call attention to your teeth, so whiten them before your big day if you want a bright lipstick.

All-Day Color? Just like the rest of your makeup, your lips have to be perfect for your big day. Of course you will have to reapply your chosen lip product a number of times throughout the day but there are some products and tricks to help your pout stay perfect. If you choose a long-wearing or all-day lipstick, remember that most formulations are drying, which is why it is essential that your lips are well moisturized and taken care of prior to the big day. One trick is to apply a heavy lip balm/moisturizer to lips about an hour before you apply the lipstick. Blot it off about 15 minutes before you apply. When applying all-day color, make sure to give the color plenty of time to dry. You have to work fast, though, because once it dries, it’s a pain to remove (aka practice before hand and be precise).

Prep and Prime! To avoid chapped lips, one of the most important things to do is exfoliate right when you get out of the shower. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, you should ensure that you treat that pucker with care, especially if you have dry, chapped, or cracked lips. Start exfoliating with a gritty sugar scrub (you can do a DIY scrub of sugar + extra virgin olive oil) and regularly moisturizing your lips with lip balm that has vitamin E. You want to take a washcloth and rub back and forth over your lips. Another favorite at-home treatments is olive oil and honey or Vitamin E.

Don’t Lick Your Lips! You end up only drying out the skin more. Again, take time to apply hydrating lip balm so you don’t end up giving your lips a quick moisture fix rather when you’re really after permanent nourishment.

Plump Up Your Pout! There is a wide range of lip plumpers on the beauty market these days, and if you feel like you need a little more oomph in your pout, go for it. Remember that a lot of lip plumpers are not going to last all day, so you may find that your pucker deflates as the ceremony goes on. Certain products both nourish and plump the lips. Look for the ingredient Resveratrol which is a super-moisturizing antioxidant which also provides age-defense. Pearlized lip colors add subtle glow that makes lips look plump.

To Line or Not to Line? If you’re not choosing an all-day, long-wearing formula, you should maximize your application by lining your lips. You’ll be kissing a lot on your wedding day. Make lipstick and lip gloss last longer by lining and filling in lips with lip liner before applying color. The liner will also make your lips to retain the color for a longer period even as the lipstick starts to wear off. Lining your lips helps give your lipstick something to further adhere to and it has a less dramatic effect as your lipstick starts to wear off. Line the outer area of your lips for a better contour and to avoid a “bleeding” look if you choose to have the deeper tone of lipstick. Follow that up by coloring your lips with the lip liner prior to applying the lipstick. The lip liner will also help you avoid a messy look as it will act as your guideline on applying lipstick.

Glossy or Matte? Try using a shimmering pink lip gloss in lieu of lipstick for a shiny look. Or test out a few matte lip stains if you prefer color without the sheen. Depending on your application and wedding type/setting/place, high gloss may not be appropriate. While some feel that gloss photographs oddly, I do feel you can still wear high gloss or high sheen without sabotaging your photos. I always recommend that you take test shots with your photographer (especially candid test shots) to see how your makeup will turn out. You can always go for tinted gloss, sheer gloss, or clear gloss to achieve a glossy lip.

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As a makeup artist, I have applied countless combinations of glosses, pencils, and lipstick to find the perfect color for my bridal clients. Even if they already have a great color in their arsenal, I like to find something a little bit different. Who wants to wear the same old lip color on your special day? Planning every little detail of your wedding is stressful. Luckily, I am here to help! These tricks and truths will keep you looking great from ceremony to reception and beyond. Thanks for reading my blog! I really enjoy bringing you the most up to date trends in makeup, hair, fashion and whatever is related to bridal beauty!

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