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Will Your Bridal Makeup Be Photo-Ready?

You wouldn’t take your own wedding photos on your big day? Now why would you do your own makeup?


Cameras will always register things in a way that is different from our biological eyes and brains.

Cameras will always register things in a way that is different from our biological eyes and brains.


The fact is that professional photography requires a professional makeup application. Your bridal makeup shouldn’t be an after-thought. The reason is that HD cameras expose every detail, including garish foundation and powder with low-definition standards. Particularly, these new camera phones that pick up on makeup that settles into wrinkles or scars, making any imperfections appear worse. Now that everyone seems to be an amateur photographer, posting un-retouched photos to social media willy-nilly, smart brides are taking pre-emptive measures to ensure their makeup looks flawless.

The most important factor is that your foundation needs to be invisible, yet still have plenty of coverage, so it will not show up in your wedding photos. It’s tricky because the camera’s flash changes the tone of your skin so you might need a shade that’s a touch darker or you’ll look washed out. What a professional like myself can offer is the ability to perfectly match your foundation to your skin tone, something that is often over-looked in self application. Using specialty airbrush techniques and working with natural light works best when facing the challenge of creating an application that looks natural to the naked eye yet, it is completely photo-ready and long lasting. And we all know that having a washed out face while the rest of you is a shade darker is not a good look. (Side note: This can also be an editing nightmare for your photographer and could cost you additional fees for the touch-up work involved.)

Yes, a good photographer can light you or retouch you to help clarify your features, but I would just as soon simplify their task with the water-based airbrush formula that I evenly apply via a fine mist. It works well for photo shoots because it doesn’t bounce the light from the flash back (which gives an unflattering white or lighter cast to the face) and it won’t mix with the oils in your skin, thereby changing the color of your foundation. It’s also sweat/waterproof for up to 18 hours ensuring your makeup won’t run or smudge throughout the duration of your wedding.  “Wouldn’t you rather have a lot of good shots to choose from versus just a few heavily edited ones?”


About Bridal Makeovers

My name is Aradia Vive, I am the founder and lead artist of Bridal Makeovers. I so believe that the right makeup makes a huge difference in the outcome of your photos and hope you find this blog helpful when planning you wedding look.  Even the best lighting captured by the best photographer with the fanciest lens will capture a face differently than the way our human eyes and brains perceive the same face. And depending on your budget or location, working with the best photographer may not be an option, so I find it helpful to do what you can to ready yourself without relying completely on external factors. After 20 plus years experience in creating photo-ready makeup looks I have made it my mission to show brides how to look their best; how to enhance, not cover their natural beauty. I am truly dedicated to everything I do. I closely listen to my brides needs to give them the best advice and services they can trust.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

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