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Bridal Makeup – Doing Your Own Makeup

You may find yourself in a location that does not offer you many or any makeup artists at all for that matter. Learning how to create a photo ready makeup look is a valuable skill that will empower your beauty and self confidence on your big day and any other time you want to create a special look for your self.

There are few things that you must know:

Most women think they know how to do their own makeup. They'll do it every day and they'll think it looks good. But what you see face-to-face and what the camera reads are two different things. Hiring someone with a professional makeup background who understands how makeup reads in a photograph is an advantage. As a 20 year veteran in professional bridal makeup artistry education and training. I have immense experience and deep passion for teaching the skills and techniques needed to achieve photography ready, flawless, bridal makeup. Today I want to share my expertise with brides that would like to learn how to do their own makeup for their destination weddings and still achieve professional results.

First of all I must say that having a professional makeup artist do your makeup on your wedding day is less stressful but...If you do have the option of hiring a local professional makeup artist then; remember to bring your makeup with you. And bring two shades of base — one that matches your skin tone now, and one that is one shade darker. After a few days in the sun, the makeup artist may need to blend the two in order to match your tanned skin tone. Even if a makeup artist says she has her own makeup — BRING YOUR OWN. You don't want to chance the chance that your skin may break out from the make up that they use.

Go for it. If you absolutely know that there is a dependable, professional makeup artist at the resort of your destination wedding that you can trust to create your bridal look for one of the most photographed days of your life.

Or, better yet, if you can bring in a make up artist from back home that you have had a trial run with and can afford you can this luxury of paying the service, the travel and expenses; go for it. But when you can't trust the resort make-up artist or can't afford to bring the professional from back home, doing your own make up gives you flexibility and peace of mind.

And last but, not least, you will get what you paid for.


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"Look like yourself, only better!" Bridal Makeovers by Aradia
"Look like yourself, only better!" Bridal Makeovers by Aradia