Bridal Makeup Lessons

I have designed a Destination Bridal Makeup Workshop that will introduce makeup techniques needed to achieve a flawless bridal look. Brides will learn modern tips and tricks to easily create classic, blushing and sultry bridal looks. Bridal Makeover by The Art of Beauty by Aradia is one of the only bridal beauty services that is backed by the largest fashion photography studios in South Florida.

All of the products that I use are photo studio tested and developed with photography in mind, therefore are ideal to use for bridal makeup.

This workshop promises to be an evening of relaxed enjoyment in the build up to an exciting wedding. As they learn how to skillfully select and apply the right colors and products to achieve any desired makeup look as well as tips and techniques to ensure that their makeup always looks beautiful, and more importantly, lasts all day, your brides are going to Immerse themselves in a day of artistry and fun!

My Bridal Makeup Artistry Workshop is also ideal for the whole bridal party as well. It is a great way for brides going away to be married or for those just wanting to do there own make up. The class is tailored to each bride and the look she will want for her big day. I will devise a look for each bridesmaid and of course the mother of the bride & groom.

Ladies, let me tell you, what I offer is very exclusive. I do not know of any other local makeup artists that offer these types of workshops that are specifically designed for destination brides. My powerful edge in the makeup business is ultimately your empowerment.

I can teach any woman to do her makeup easily, quickly and in a modern, personal way and help her to reach past the fear that she can't do she can welcome the strength that is inherent in knowing that she has fully grasped her true inner power and hidden beauty potential. The right makeup lesson can, quite simply, change her life!

Here are some of the highlights of what brides will learn:

  • Overview on bridal makeup styles.
  • How to prep the skin for the best bridal on-camera results.
  • How to determine the eye color palette for a bride v.s. the bridal party.
  • How to apply various eye palettes - from the ceremony to the reception.
  • How to apply single and strip faux lashes to natural lashes.
  • How to achieve a flawless finish foundation with glowing cheeks for the bride's on camera moments.


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"Look like yourself, only better!" Bridal Makeovers by Aradia
"Look like yourself, only better!" Bridal Makeovers by Aradia